Master Zhao Ming Wang – the ‘Dao’ of Determination (为了弘扬中国真正的道家功夫。,,,,,)

Mr Shi Da Dao (释大道) (i.e. Adrian Chan-Wyles) lives in England. For many years he has resolutely committed himself to the task of translating important Qianfeng Prenatal School (千峰先天派 – Qian Feng Xian Tian Pai) philosophical texts into a (correct) and modern English. He has practised determination in the face of many difficulties and prevailed.

Daoist Transformation of Death

Shen is the realisation and permanent identification of consciousness with universal ’empty space’ to such a degree that when the physical brain ceases to function, the ‘practitioner’ becomes the state of ’empty space’ – which is the universe that includes all things. This is why advanced Daoist practitioners are able to enter this state whilst still in their bodies, so that the actual ‘act’ of dying becomes a formality whereby ‘breathing’ ceases altogether and qi energy permanently integrates with ‘jing’ and ‘shen’ – leaving the physical body behind forever.

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