A Clear Example of Zionism


One particular aspect that sustains and preserves the various ideologies that adhere to an essentially ‘racist’ viewpoint of the world, is that they are generally related to, (and justified by) theistic religious teachings. The discredited pseudo-science of racism that developed and reached its peak in 19th century Europe, based its assumptions upon a natural order existing in the universe, (very much like a feudal hierarchy), which mimicked the medieval Christian Church in its unquestionable structure. This distorted view of the world assumed that a Judeo-Christian god had a) created a physical universe out of nothing, and b) created ‘different’ races of people to live in that universe, with white Europeans being declared the ‘chosen’ and most ‘superior’ amongst the other races, who are distinguished from one another by skin-colour, language, and culture. This religious teaching was secularised and welded to Darwin’s theory of evolution, in an attempt to scientifically prove Judeo-Christian prejudice to be correct in an objective, intellectual sense. It is important to note at this juncture, that the theology that justifies this view, ignores the fact that the supposed saviour of the Christian Church – Jesus Christ – was a Jew from the Middle East, and therefore not a white European. It is also important to stress that Charles Darwin was opposed to racism as being ‘unscientific’ and a product of immense ignorance. Religion joined forces with British imperialism, to misrepresent science and theology.

This type of modern racism, from which Zionism has emerged, perpetuates hatred of others through religious myth, presented as objective fact. In a sense, it represents neither ‘science’ nor ‘religion’; such is the power of its distorting force. It presents its bigoted case through the pretence of objective rationality, whilst pursuing and perpetuating assumed prejudices from a distant past. It is a purely mythological and inverted mindset that has nothing to do with science and everything to do with the the ignorance surrounding religious imagination. This imagination, however, is not benign, but highly malevolent in its nature. It represents the psychological darkness of self-hatred projected (and perpetuated) into the world through physical actions, actions that include the prevention of the development of progressive reason and logic, both within and throughout society. The world is arbitrarily split into ‘good’ and ‘evil’, where everything placed into the latter category is ridiculed, attacked, and ultimately destroyed, by those who unilaterally declare themselves to be ‘pure’, and the chosen (and preferred) people of an imagined deity. Modern racism, fed as it was through the industrialisation process and the development of science, takes these religious myths and updates the structure through contemporary socio-economic conditions. This is why the many different types of racism that are prevalent today, actually exhibit attributes that was relevant during the 19th century, and the rise of European imperialism. This development assumed, (incorrectly), that its success around the globe was due to the invisible hand of a mysterious god, rather than the logical consequence of the development of progressive (and destructive) industrial forces, and the technological innovations that such a development bestowed upon the societies that produced them. A bullet fired from a gun (that passes through a cowhide shield), and fatally pierces a tribal warrior living within a primitive society, is a purely discernable and logical process, that does not require a divine motivation or interference, for it to be effective. Material (and technological) superiority is a product of human physical (and intellectual) labour and has nothing to do with religion or an invisible deity.

The Palestinians have been kept in a state of arrested economic and industrial development since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. The Israeli state receives unconditional support from the Judeo-Christian influenced USA, and their European allies. This essentially renders Israel exempt from the strictures (and punishments) usually associated with International Law, as the international community refuses to hold Israel to account for its many military and paramilitary actions that are a clear violation of Human Rights. The list of these violations is extensive and is growing day by day. As the number of Palestinians killed reaches over 600 today, (with over 3000 wounded), Europe mourns the 298 who died on the airliner downed in the Ukraine recently, (whilst condemning Russia without evidence for this tragedy), but collectively chooses to ignore the highly destructive and murderous activities that are being carried-out in Gaza by heavily armed Israeli infantry and tanks. Gaza is a very small area of Palestine which has seen a besieged and desperate Palestinian population ever forced into a smaller and smaller living area by illegal Israeli actions. The Israeli military continues to deliberately target areas of dense civilian populations, which inevitably has lead to the deaths of many children.

Yesterday, Hamas fired a missile that landed near the Tel Aviv’s main Ben Gurion International Airport, in Israel. The missile caused neither significant damage, nor any casualties in the area, but the USA’s Federal Aviation Administrations (FAA), immediately announced a 24 hour ban on all US aeroplanes flying into Israel. The international face of Zionism, or Israeli racism, sprang into action and immediately began its relentless lobbying of US politicians, requesting that the ban be lifted as it sends the wrong message to the world. The rightwing BBC, taking the Israeli side, spent much of its news time looking at how this ban might be detrimental to the Israeli economy, and how such an action, (which apparently ‘isolates’ Israel from the international community) might be viewed as a punishment for its current actions in Gaza. Zionism has led to members of the US Jewish business and political community acting as unofficial ambassadors for the state of Israel in this matter, and lobbying on their behalf. This behaviour is essentially that of US citizens acting in a manner that reflects the interests of another sovereign nation – a behaviour that led to US citizens sympathetic to Iraqi or Afghani issues during America’s war on terrorism, being imprisoned without trial at Guantanamo Bay. Israel, whilst behaving in a manner that is obviously totalitarian and fascistic, nevertheless presents itself on the international stage as the ‘eternal victim’. After killing and destroying the Palestinians, the Israeli state would now have us believe that they are the true victims of the aggression they perpetuate. Israel follows political Zionism and is therefore a racist country that should be stripped of its international immunity and face the consequences of its many illegal actions toward others. In a modern and progressive age, religion should not be allowed to dominate political policy, or to define reality.

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