No War in Syria: US Embassy – London 15.6.13


The internal unrest in Syria is creating the international conditions for the United States of America to consider military intervention, a process that will potentially cost hundreds of thousands of lives, and lead to an uncertain outcome similar to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.   


Around 200 people gathered outside the US Embassy in London’s Grosvenor Square protesting the political sword-rattling that is currently emanating from American diplomatic sources.  The protest saw a number of leftwing groups converge in common protest including various non-aligned protestors, Socialist Parties, Socialist groups, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), the Communist Party of Britain (CPB), and the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB-ML), amongst others.






This protest event was good-natured, well organised and discilpined.  As protestors we were allowed up to the front-door of the US embassy.  There was a moderate police presence, but the mood was relaxed with officers interacting with protestors and reading leaflets, etc.  The police wore ordinary uniform and there was no riot gear evident.  There was chanting from the crowd and many speeches made.  A Socialist society would work to remove warfare as a means of human interaction, whilst establishing justice and equality for all without exception.  The technology used in modern warfare is horrific to both passively observe and experience as a victim.  If the same amount of money used in pointless wars was used to build society there would be free education, full employment, free health, and ample Welfare provision for all.

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