When Labour ‘Banned’ May Day (1947-48)

It is a peculiar fact that the Labour Government of 1945 – which would introduce a Welfare State and National Health System (NHS), would also apply the far-right racist policy of rounding-up and deporting over a thousand Chinese people living in London (due to a sense of xenophobia and racist euphoria that had swept the land following the victory over Hitler), and ‘ban’ the Communist Party of Great Britain marching for workers’ rights on May Day 1947, and 1948.

Vote Jeremy Corbyn to Save the UK in 2017!

The anti-Union laws will be repelled, the elderly will nolonger have to pay for their care, and the odious ‘Academy’ system replaced with proper schooling. Jeremy Corbyn has a firm reformist foundation to support his political vision, as the British people have already successfully carried-out the most difficult of Revolutionary actions – voting to get-out of the rightwing, anti-Socialist European Union (EU).

When Julian Clary was Revolutionary…

Of course, the rightwing press immediately launched a vindictive campaign against Julian Clary for expressing his disdain at Toryism in general, and Tory policy inparticular. This was the very same press that thought it was perfectly OK for homelessness to re-appear on the UK streets, after being virtually eradicated by the Labour initiated Welfare State since 1948.

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