The Tory-LibDems Attack Upon the British Disabled Community (2010-2019) – UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) – 2016

The UN Committee published its Report on 6 October 2016. The Committee concluded that Government reforms had led to “grave and systematic” violations of the rights of disabled people. UN Report 2016

…the UK and devolved governments have not taken all the appropriate steps to progress implementation of the CRPD and have introduced some retrogressive measures that have had a significant negative effect on disabled people. UKIM Report 2017

As soon as the Tories and LibDems gained power in 2010, the attack upon the disabled, vulnerable, old, injured and the sick was ‘phased’ in its application across British society. The ‘phases’ are as follows: 

Phase 1) Cut all funding to any organization or volunteering bodies offering ‘free’ legal advice and support to any and all people with disabilities, their families, friends and dependents. This automatically removed an entire raft of regulatory bodies that existed to ‘defend’ the rights of the disabled, thus rendering millions in the UK ‘defenseless’ in the face of a far-rightwing, ideological attack upon disability rights, well-being and survival.  

Phase 2) Whilst often running in conjunction with ‘Phase 1’ above, has been ongoing and constitutes the continuous ‘demonization’ of the disabled population of the UK. The UK Press and Media outlets, more or less unanimously, agreed to disseminate this highly negative and vindictive (false) propaganda of ‘hate’ in both print and film. By using the BBC, ITV, The Sun, Daily Mail, Guardian and other media outlets, the Tory-LibDem Coalition turned the majority of the British population ‘against’ its own disabled population, convincing many that disabled people are ‘liars’ who that routinely ‘defraud’ the Benefit System by making false claims. The point of this propaganda offensive was to remove any sense of sympathy for disabled people that may have existed within British society, and prevent any spontaneous support or defense of the disabled from the able-bodied population. In recent months, Channel Four has been operating a particularly viralent anti-intellectual offensive of ‘denial’ regarding the memory of the deaths of the 120,000 plus victims of ‘Austerity’.

Phase 3) The passing of legislation that privatized the NHS in 2012 (withdrawing vital medical treatment), and the sudden, immediate and back-dating of the cutting of Disability Benefits, Housing Benefit, Income Support and Council Tax Benefit (amongst many others). 

Phase 4) The privatization of the DWP, Social Services and virtually all Local Council Services, whilst hiring unqualified and non-DBS-CRB checked staff to take the place of ‘sacked’ or made ‘redundant’ staff who had been properly qualified and expected a proper wage and good working conditions. This has led to an epidemic of abuse being perpetuated by these untrained workers who have been persecuting their elderly and disabled ‘clients’ to a devastating degree. 

Phase 5) All DWP, Social Services and Local Council employees who have survived this ‘cull’ in properly qualified staff, have been instructed by the Tories and LibDems that if they want to keep their jobs – they must fully participate in the ill-treatment of the disabled people under their ‘care’. Those who have cooperated with this instruction are criminals who need to be arrested, changed and imprisoned.  

Phase 6) Although Tony Bair’s ‘New Labour’ made substantial cuts to ‘Legal Aid’, the Tories and LibDems have cut what was left to such an extent that anyone who can navigate the bureaucracy that prevents access, find that ALL legal firms following the regulations to the letter, offer no help to the individual in need, but instead cooperate with the exploiting system, and advise their ‘clients’ to simply conform to the injustice being committed against them. Again, those solicitors who blindly follow this unjust instruction are criminals who should be arrested, charged and imprisoned. 

Phase7) Although the United Nation investigated the Tory-LibDems ‘Austerity’ cuts in 2016 – and found the ‘Tory-LibDems Coalition’ Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity for the deaths of upwards of 120,000 + disabled people between 2010-2015 – the supporting British Establishment has termed this entire affair as ‘leftwing propaganda’. In that report – the UN described the British media as behaving like the media in 1930s Nazi German Berlin! Just as Hitler’s media demonized the disabled and racially impure – the British media has done exactly the same for the Tories and LibDems since 2010. 

The UN Inquiry into the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the UK

UN Committee report on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: debate on the Government’s response 

Channel Four Attacking the Disabled and Jeremy Corbyn

Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), 130,000 deaths could have been prevented since 2012

Tories and LibDems Killed 120,000 (British Medical Journal)

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