How the Tories & LibDems Destroyed My Family (2010-2019)

Our ‘Last Stand’ as We are Evicted…

As impoverished workers, my family has never been rich. We have also been hindered by illness and disability – this is why we have valued the Socialist NHS and Welfare State, for within the brutality and callousness of the capitalist system, we were able to keep a certain level of dignity through State help. We have all worked at various jobs at different times, and we have all paid tax (this is true of our extended family and the older generations). Our grandfathers and great grandfathers fought in two World Wars, and the Labour Party gave us some redress in the UK with the founding of the 1948 NHS and Welfare State (which included free education and Council Housing). In 2010 – when the Tories and LibDems were elected, my parents, two sisters and my brother in law lived in a house together- whilst in 2019, Charlotte (my youngest sister) is being illegally detained due to her physical and psychological disabilities, my parents are forced to live in two separate care homes, and my other sister and husband are in temporary accommodation. This is because the Tories (and LibDems) pursued a policy of ethically cleansing the unworthy poor from relatively well-off areas. Charlotte was effectively ‘kidnapped’ by Torbay Social Services as a means to emotionally blackmail my mother (and other family members) to abandon their rented home of 17 years. Torbay Council and Torbay Social Services colluded with the landlord and advised him on what legal action was required to oust my family from their home even though they had never defaulted on the rent. The Tories (and LibDems) made it really easy for tenants who have done no wrong to be evicted. Of course, we put a legal fight, but the odds were stacked against us from the start. The DWP routinely stopped money to starve us out, whilst Charlotte was suffering broken bones under the ‘care’ of the State! My family were psychologically and physically abused by the untrained staff of ‘Bay Care’ (all reported to the police) – one of those unqualified and untrained private firms now carrying-out what was once care provided by the NHS. These people are not DBS-CRB checked and many held Criminal Records.  My family has been ripped apart by Tory-LibDems Austerity and are lucky to still be alive! We fear a Tory-LibDems victory today, as we do not think we will survive another 5 years of this kind of this institutional abuse that has already killed around 130,000 other disabled and vulnerable people! 

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