Brexit: Labour Heartlands Defect to Tories (2019)

The buffoon (and racist) Boris Johnson has seemingly performed a miracle at Xmas time! This man who destroyed London as its Mayor, has not only risen to lead the rightwing Conservative Party, but has now led that party to a landslide election victory in the 2019 UK General Election! However, things are not what they seem. Traditional Labour voters – the working -class – have deserted the Labour Party in many key areas and voted Tory so as to ensure that ‘Brexit’ is pursued and carried-out WITHOUT the second vote being promised by Labour. The EU emerged out of a post-WWII US policy in Europe which was (and remains) steadfastly anti-Socialist. Indeed, membership of the EU demands the dismantling and privatisation of any and all Socialistic entities such as the NHS and the Welfare State. Although Jeremy Corbyn had opposed the EU all his political life, when he became the leader of the Labour Party, he soon changed his tune.  He then released a statement referring to all supporters of Brexit as ‘fascists’ – which immediately alienated large swathes of working-class people opposed to the EU from the Labour Party. Israel, of course, has successfully interfered in this UK General Election, as it was crucial for Tel Aviv to keep Corbyn from power as he intended to recognise a Palestinian State and pursue Israel for War Crimes.  Racism does exist in bourgeois Labour – just as it exists in the Trotskyite Unions – but it is more a reflection of the anti-Black and anti-Asian racism that exists throughout British society, rather than being specifically ‘anti-Semitic’, etc. My ethnic-Chinese partner (and our ‘Chinese’ looking children) were racially abused by Labour (and SWP) members in London last year, during an ‘anti-fascist’ protest march! Nobody came to our aid despite hundreds witnessing the abuse. The Labour Party has not responded well to the hostility of the British State or the BBC, and spent much of its time trying to pointlessly ‘distance’ itself from the Marxist-Leninist left to such an extent that nobody knew what Labour stood for. The British working-class rejects the Brexit Party’s fascism, whilst also embracing Brexit and rejecting EU fascism and anti-Socialism. As Labour would not openly support Brexit and make statements embracing the left, the working-class voted for whatever party would deliver Brexit. This should now be the end of any vestiges of ‘Socialism’ in the Labour Party, as it moves to the right and embraces its particular brand of ‘revisionism’ and ‘anti-Socialism’. There are street parties in Tel Aviv tonight, celebrating Labour’s mismanagement and total defeat! 

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