Smash English (British) Nazism!

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The English attacked, conquered and annexed Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and forcibly integrated the flags of Wales, Scotland and Ireland with that of England.  This is the historical basis for the Union Jack – a flag that celebrates English imperialism and colonisation.  There is nothing noble about this flag, as it represents the depriving of freedom from other people, and their subjugation to the English Crown.  The Victorians subsequently coined the term ‘British’ to describe the English over-lords and all their colonial possessions.  By this time, English imperialism had spread over the world, and many different peoples had become subject to English imperial rule.  This meant that the Welsh, Scots, and Irish were joined by Africans, New Zealand and Australian Aborigines, Native American Indians, East Indians (including Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus), and Chinese peoples – all of whom were considered ‘British’ but never ‘English’. Most of these people had no idea where the ‘United Kingdom’ was, or understood that they were legally considered ‘British’, and even if they did know these things, many were too poor to travel, or had no wish to move from their respective countries.  The UK Authorities only ‘invited’ colonial British to the UK when the UK required their cheap manpower.  In the meantime, the English (British) authorities continued to run their colonies along totalitarian (and non-democratic) lines, creating disease, starvation, famine and drought amongst the indigenous peoples.  Whenever the indigenous peoples questioned any facet of English imperialism, they were treated with beatings, rape, imprisonment and execution.  English (British) colonies exist for one reason, and that was to extract as much wealth and raw materials from the invaded country as possible to benefit the English (British) middle classes at home.  After centuries of this international thieving, the UK became one of the riches countries in the world, and remains so to this day.  Most of this wealth was not shared with the British working class until the Labour of 1945.  In 1948, this Labour government re-distributed wealth around the UK on a massive scale through the implementation of the Welfare State and the National Health Service (NHS).  This re-distribution of wealth has been steadily withdrawn since 1951, and is in its last stages of dissolve as I write in early 2016.  As Britain is now part of the European Union (EU), it is wedded to an EU anti-Socialist – pro-capitalist agenda that encourages the dismantling and privatisation of ALL Socialistic institutions.  As it is a fundamental premise of capitalism that ‘capital must move freely around’, the EU has instigated the free movement of economic migrants around Europe – including the UK.  English nationalism is essentially racist in nature and does even see other white people (from different counties) as ‘equal’.  Since the end of WWII, the working class of the UK has been encouraged by the middle class to ‘hate’ anyone with a different skin colour, language or cultural origin.  As a consequence, the George Cross and the Union Jack flags are symbols of English racism, nationalism and hate.  Like the Nazi German swastika of WWII, these flags denote a very clear ‘belonging’ and ‘exclusion’.  As English (British) nationalism has its basis in race-hate and racial segregation, it is in fact a form of ‘National Socialism’, or ‘Nazism’.  This explains why the English (British) nationalist movements are all racist, and members of various neo-Nazi groups often based in modern Germany.  Those who fly these flags are either ‘racist’, or unknowingly buying into English (British) National Socialism.  This far-rightwing ideology seeks to eradicate all different ethnic and racial groups from the planet – pursuing the eugenics policies of Adolf Hitler.  As such, the current crop of moronic and mislead far-right political parties, such as the racist UKIP, BNP, NF, and Britain First, are all pro-war (because they believe it kills foreigners before they become migrants in the UK), and pro-Christian because the Western Churches perceive their god as being ‘white’, and anyone who is not ‘white’ is inherently evil and from the devil!  However, there are millions of correct-minded people in the UK that do not fall for this foolishness and resist racism wherever it raises its ugly head!  Down with English (British) fascism!

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