Email: Qianfeng and Non-Commercialisation (8.8.2017)


Dear A

Thank you for your email and kind offer.

However, I follow the principle laid down by Master Zhao Bichen (1860-1942) that states that teaching others should not be motivated by greed or financial consideration. Anyone may approach for ‘free’ instruction, but this does not mean that I will teach them. It all depends upon the state of mind of the person approaching – this is their responsibility. My responsibility is to convey reliable Daoist information without any social impediment. I certainly do not prefer the rich over the poor (far from it) – but I do prefer the virtuosi over the non-virtuous. Of course, one or two approach me with a ‘mock’ politeness and superficial respect – give me a day or two – and this fakery is soon exposed! If people are dishonest at the point of approach – of what use are they? None at all. Many Westerners (particularly Americans), mistake ‘free’ teaching with ‘second-rate’ teaching – and are disrespectful from start to finish. Obviously, they leave empty handed. They do not understand that ‘true virtue’ is of far greater value than a dollar bill – and far harder to earn. Besides, the net is full of unscrupulous people all claiming to be masters of this or that Daoist system – when you visit their websites, the first thing to be encountered is a price-list! No. True Daoist cultivation developed over thousands of years in China and has never been dependent upon the gross nature of money. This is very much a modern disease. My advice to you is keep your money, sit in a quiet and calm place and follow your breath for awhile and see what happens.

Peace in the Dao



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