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Dear M
You may find the following article of interest.
Master Yan Tianfang agreed for me to translate his work but does not want any contact outside of his inner circle. He talks of different forms of Wu Liu – specifically early and contemporary. Master Yan Tianfang does not know of Qianfeng Daoism and has no interest in it. However, Qianfeng is an integration of a number of Daoist schools – not just Wu Liu – but in the transmission document from Masters Liao Kong and Liao Ren the various lineages converge through the Wu Liu Gate (which is today referred to as the ‘Zhao Gate’) but obviously this is not the only Wu Liu School. I would expect considerable differences between various Daoist schools, but with an agreement in essence (although not always). As far as my own inner training is concerned, Wu Liu is a combination of ‘stillness’ and ‘movement’ but obviously at the right time and according to level of achievement, age, gender and health. Having talked to some other masters and consulted a number of Chinese language documents, I find no evidence that ‘seated practice’ is forbidden in any branches of the Wu Liu lineage. This is some of what we know and I hope it assists you in your research.
Peace in the Dao

Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2018 16:03:55

My name is ‘M’ and i am from Germany. I have read through the blog and found the post about the Wuliu method. I have friends who practice Wuliu and say that within the true Wuliu school there is no sitting meditation allowed, in fact forbidden and that real alchemy is a moving form. I personally just search for truth and would like to know your opinion on this.

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