The Power of the Immune System (Chinese Text Translation)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: I received this text as a post on Master Zhao Ming Wang’s Chinese language ‘WeChat’ blog. The post was made by the member called ‘逍遥.木心’ (Xiao Yao Mu Xin) and involves a discussion regarding the recent SARS outbreak in Wuhan. Just as the elderly Buddhist Master Jing Kong (净空) has held a world-wide meditation and chanting session for the victims of SARS – other disciples of the Qiafeng Daoist School of Beijing advocated the boosting of the immune system as a sure method of fighting a disease. ACW (1.2.2020)

A good doctor can cure a disease – but this can only be achieved by boosting your own immune system – to make it strong!  

“Only the body’s own immunity can fight the disease, because our own immune gene chain is sufficient to deal with all known diseases. But why do we still get sick? It is because our immunity is suppressed. The true ancient Chinese medicine is against Medication is used to treat these diseases, but instead aims at restoring the normal order of the human body, unlocking and removing that which suppresses immunity, and then letting an invigorated immunity treat the disease itself.  It can also be understood that drugs help the body to cure the disease, not that the drug itself can cure the disease. The inner foundation of the human body, as the field of essential psycho-physical energy, conforms to what the outer human body requires by following the frequency of energy expressed, balances all human energy, and restores a robust biological order to the mind and body. If medication or treatment is used to artificially push the boat along the water, the boat has no inherent power of its own, and this process is naturally hopeless and unfavourable. Once the medicine is withdrawn, the illness returns.” 

Our immune system is very smart and agile. Its performance can surpass the world’s fastest processing computer control system, and it protects us 24 hours a day. The blood flow in the body is accelerated in order to send more white blood cells to the battlefield. The stuffy nose and fever we feel are actually signs of a violent attack on a virus. Vomiting is a self-protection reaction when the stomach is weak and its contents cannot be digested. Diarrhoea is the timely discharge of waste from the intestines. Even more amazing is that once the body is infected with a virus, the white blood cells that can deal with the virus – antibodies will remain in the bone marrow forever. When we encounter this virus again, the immune system can respond quickly and save us from suffering.  

When you feel lost and desperate, think about the 12 billion cells in the body. Together they build a strong immune system. They are all dedicated to working for you, working with you, fighting for you, and living for you.  

Original Chinese Language Text:

真正能治病的医生,只能是你自身强大的免疫系统。“能够对抗疾病的只有人体自身的免疫力,因为我们自身的免疫基因链足够对付已知的一切疾病。但为什么还会生病呢?是因为我们的免疫力受到了抑制。真正的古中医是反对用药去治病的,而是着眼于恢复人体自身秩序之常态,打开让免疫力受到抑制的这把锁,然后让免疫力自己去治病。也可以理解药物是帮助人体治病的,而不是药物本身能治病。人体作为天之道场,顺应人体之所为,才能顺势而为,平衡人体能量,恢复人体秩序。用药或治疗手段若顺水推舟,自然无望而不利,若自行其是,则寸步难行。” 我们的免疫系统非常聪明和敏捷,性能可以超过世界上处理速度最快的计算机中控系统,24小时从不停歇保护着我们。身体的血流加快,是为了将更多的白细胞送上战场。我们所感觉到的鼻塞和发烧,实际上正是猛烈攻击病毒的迹象。呕吐是胃气虚弱无法消化时身体的一种自保反应,腹泻是把肠道内的垃圾及时排出身体。更神奇的是,身体一旦被一种病毒感染过,能对付该病毒抗体的白细胞将会永远保留在自己的骨髓。再遇这种病毒,免疫系统便可迅速做出反应,免去我们的病痛之苦。当你感到失落绝望的时候,想想体内120亿万的细胞吧,它们共同构筑了强大的免疫系统,它们都在全心全意,只为你,为你而努力,为你而战斗,为你而活着。

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