Something of the Fascist ‘BJP’ about Priti Patel (21.11.2020)

Priti Patel (Left) Supported by Boris Johnson (Right)

If the BBC comedy show ‘2012’ is accessed an advertising firm hired by the British government – called ‘Perfect Curve’ – will be seen that employs a vacuous woman who has been successful more or less by accident, a process primarily stimulated by her birth, class and social background, etc. This person possesses no genuine ability whatsoever, and is an example of the triumph of form over substance. She is made a part of the organising team for the upcoming British Olympics simply because such a character is ‘expected’ to be present. Priti Patel is like this – but far more dangerous. Patel was part of the 2010nCoalition government of Tories and LibDems who – through their ‘Austerity’ programme – has killed over 130,000 vulnerable British people (between 2010-2016).  

Priti Patel’s Policies and Behaviour has Set-Back the Rights of Women!

This process led to people dying of starvation, neglect, homelessness and lack of medical care – as confirmed by the subsequent United Nations (UN) investigation that found the UK Coalition government ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’. This means that the UK now joins Nazi Germany as the only ‘two’ European countries to be so judged! The British media – left and right – conspired with the Coalition government and failed to report this genocidal policy or the UN findings. This is the same British media that tirelessly worked to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of power – and Priti Patel in power!  Patel came up through the business world and has no real understanding of the British political system. The Tory (and LibDems) genocidal policies Patel ‘forced’ through – by ‘bullying’ her way through the Civil Service checks and balances that are designed to ‘protect’ the British public from the excesses of extremist governments! Priti Patel knew full-well that the policies she was ‘forcing’ through the government departments were ‘illegal’ and ‘deadly’ to the people they were aimed at.  

Priti Patel – Obviously Eating Better than the Working-Class!

Patel wilfully replaced protocol with will-power and pressured the Civil Service Staff to implement these ‘illegal’ policies. Patel has also been responsible for facilitating White (racist) immigration policy against non-White men, women and children! The sickness that runs through the core of the fascistic Tory Party assumes that Patel’s skin-tone legitimises the racism they perpetuate. As Priti Patel enforces this White racist policy with glee – she is a ‘sexist’ and a ‘racist’!  Corrupt maniacs such as this woman should not be allowed anywhere near the mechanisms of political power!  As a British woman with Hindu origins – there is something of the fascist BJP about her! We must save lives in the UK by campaigning for Priti Patel to be ‘sacked’ and possibly prosecuted for the crimes she has committed! 

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