Is Harold Shipman Really the ‘Worst’ Killer in British History?

Harold Shipman Wins a ‘Gerry Adams’ Look-Alike Contest

Most documentaries about ‘Dr’ Harold Shipman contain characters whose pseudo-intellectualism comes across very much like the average psychic or ghost-hunter, whilst all the retired police officers look (and sound) like Bernard Manning. The police failed to do their job properly and more people (allegedly) died, and yet despite this incompetence at the public expense, when a coherent case was finally hammered-out, exactly the same police presented themselves as ‘saviours’ of exactly the same public. What was Harold Shipman up to? Why did he continue to deny his guilt up to his suicide in 2004? The police, press and myriad so-called experts would have us believe that Harold Shipman was a deadly murderer who was so cunning and confident that he hid beneath the radar, until one day he was utterly stupid and made so many mistakes he looked like an extra from the Keystone Cops. Of course, numerous documentaries are full of moaning police officers who resent Harold Shipman – not for his supposed maniacal killing – but rather because his antics that created the conditions whereby the police had to get off their arses and actually do some work!  So, which is it – criminal mastermind, or hapless amateur?  

Harold Ship Wins a ‘Stephen Hawkins’ Look-Alike Contest

Like Sonny Liston – ‘Dr’ Harold Shipman possessed a lethal jab. He was found guilty of just ‘15’ murders and one proven case of fraud in 1999 – and that’s it. The problem is that if he is guilty of deliberately murdering elderly women for ‘greed’, then over his career the numbers of killed could top ‘300’ or even more. All the arguments for exact numbers are merely statistical at this stage, as he hid his tracks very well, with many killings occurring decades ago before computer records and when paper records were routinely ‘purged’ when decreed as being no longer of any use. The medical profession really had no clue that this was happening, or even that it could happen. Of course, middle-class doctors have killed patients before in the UK – with some dancing their way through Court and waving to the Jury whilst being declared ‘Not Guilty’!  Harold Shipman was working-class and had worked his way up through the ‘free’ education system that used to exist in the UK until 1988. When young he was physically robust and very clever. His working-class mannerisms are continuously used against him in the documentaries purporting to cover his life. Regardless of his guilt, the message is that a working-class person shouldn’t have been allowed to rise to this level of power and responsibility within British society. It is an implied fact that part of his criminality is presented as stemming from his working-class background.  

Harold Shipman Wins ‘Sigmund Freud’ Look-Alike Contest

Nevertheless, none of these observations explain what he thought he was doing. His suicide on the eve of his 58th birthday ensured that his partner received his NHS pension consisting of a one-off £100,000 pay-out, and a further £10,000 per year!  Even so, none of his years of offending could have been a preparation for this final exit – although the sheer silliness of the forged Will (comical in its naivety) might have been a way for him to get caught and end his life when the situation presented itself. As matters stand, his wife has always insisted that her husband was innocent and that he did no wrong. Could the case against him be fake? Numerous psychologists have commented that it is highly unusual for a mass killer to continue to deny his or her guilt after being convicted and imprisoned. If a government wanted to turn a population against the NHS (provided free at the point of use), and prepare that population for the abolition of the NHS (and its replacement with a US-style private health story), what better way is there, than to blame an upstart working-class doctor for committing all kinds of ‘medicalised’ crimes that would not happen in the much smaller private health industry. In this model, Socialised medicine equals ‘criminality’, whilst private health equals ‘safety’ and ‘security’.  

Harold Shipman – My Left Foot

Is Harold Shipman really the worst serial killer in the UK? For sake of argument, if Harold Shipman’s body-count is as high as 350, how does this compare to the number of disabled, elderly and vulnerable British people killed by the Tories and LibDems since 2010? In 2016, following a thorough investigation into the Coalition ‘Austerity’ pogrom, the United Nations (UN) found the UK Government ‘Guilty’ of Crimes Against Humanity for the deaths of around 120,000 – killed through a combination of a sudden withdrawal of NHS treatments (through privatisation), Benefits cuts, cuts in Social Services and the ending of Social Housing, etc. Not only has the British Welfare State been dismantled, but the Services once provided free at the point of use (paid for through collective taxation), are now in the hands of privateers with the elderly and disabled now ‘forced’ to pay again for what amounts to second and third-rate private-sector services. Although this is illegal, most of the people subject to it, are victims of the ‘tyranny’ of Social Services and do not possess the finance or know-how to put a stop it. As the Tories have continued to kill the British people through NHS-cuts, the current number of preventable deaths stands at around 130,000 victims, and this does not include the 40,000-plus British people who have died of Covid19 due to the Tory mishandling of this crisis! It is clear from these statistics that the Tories (and LibDems) have not only murdered far more innocent people in number than those alleged by Harold Shipman – but although it is known what they have done – the British Establishment continues the killing! 

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