Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Two British Passports Recovered on the Donbass Battlefield! (3.4.2023)

Andrew Tobias Matthew Bagshaw – Alive Or Dead?

The US under President Obama (a ‘Black’ man) instigated the illegal Neo-Nazi take-over of the Ukraine in early 2014! The US had been courting the underground (Catholic-led) Neo-Nazi movement in Ukraine ever since the collapse of the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union – but despte this support – this Hitlerite movement could not gain any traction through the democratic (Bourgeois) liberal system of capitalist voting inflicted upon the Ukrainian people! No matter who the US bribed – the Ukrainian people kept voting in centre and centre-left governments friendly to Russia which campaigned to retain much of the ‘Socialist’ institutions developed during Soviet times!

Of course, this was not acceptable to the US who had to resort to an armed uprising and terrorist inspired overthrow of the democratically elected government of the Ukraine! The people of the Crimea voted with their feet and left their enforced union with an out of control Ukraine – and the Russian people of the Donbass region of East Ukraine had to take up arms to protect themselves from these US-inspired Hitlerites! Between 2014-2022 – this US-inspired terrorism killed and wounded around 15,000 men, women and children in the Donbass region – whilst tens of thousands of the vulnerable had to be evacuated to the safety of the interior of Russia! Meanwhile, the US-backed Hitlerites committed continuous atrocities!

Russia’s ‘Special Operation’ commenced on February 22nd, 2022 and has seen the Russian ‘National Guard’, Russian Marines and Russian Paratroopers (supported by the Russian Red Airforce, Artillery and Tank Regiment) inflict terrible defeats upon the so-called Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and the Neo-Nazi ‘Punishment Battalions’ – many of these Units trained over many years in the West and armed with the best weapons! Indeed, their defeat has surprised Western military analysts and has made the US wary of directly conflicting with a main Russian Army that has not even properly took to the field as of yet!

Although Russia is busy De-Nazifying Donbass (and nowhere else) whilst treating POWs very well – the propagandists in the West are taking videos of AFU atrocities committed against Russian prisoners (as well as captured members of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Militias) – blotting out the ID badges – (uploading these articles onto far-right websites in the West) and falsely claiming this amounts to filmed evidence recording Russian Army atrocities committed against the US-backed Ukrainian Forces! Nothing could be further from the truth! What I have included here are two ‘British’ Passports found amongst the debris of the Donbass battlefield of two so-called English ‘Volunteers’ (Andrew Bagshaw and Christopher Parry) who were fighting with the Neo-Nazi ‘Punishment Battlements’! I figure if they are proud of their behaviour and truly believe in the Hitlerism they are supporting – they will not mind me exposing their antics upon my blog for all to see! Oddly, I have been contacted by a number of families in the West seeking my help in finding if their relative(s) are alive and well after going to the Ukraine – usually without telling anyone in their families!