Scholars Uncover “Biggest Racial Gap” Among Violent Offenders in US Prisons! (15.3.2023)

Source: Xinhua Editor: huaxia 2023-03-15

Blogger’s Note: If the American Civil War (1861-1865) resulted in the victory of the ‘non-racist’ North over the ‘racist’ South – then what went wrong? The US (White) Establishment teaches children in the US Education System that ALL racism throughout North America suddenly ENDED when the Confederacy ‘Signed’ an ‘Unconditional Surrender’ during early 1865! Children are encouraged to dress-up as Abraham Lincoln and perpetuate ‘myths’ that ALL non-White people where a) ‘treated well’ from 1492 onward, and b) were ‘treated even better’ after 1865! The problem with this ‘myth’ is that predatory capitalism exists all-over the US – and therefore generates the material (external) conditions that manifest ‘racist’ socio-economic pressures equally throughout the geographical space that the US inhabits! These ‘racist’ external pressures are ‘internalised’ within the mind and body of its victims and therefore influences the behaviour of these individuals. The further problem is that ‘Bourgeois’ academia may well prove this reality time and time again – but stops short of confirming that ‘racism’ is caused by ‘predatory capitalism’ – as clarified by the work of Marx and Engels – and other geniuses such as Huey Newton! ACW (15.3.2023)

SYDNEY, March 15 (Xinhua) — Despite a decline in the drug imprisonment gap between Black and white Americans, the biggest racial disparity now exists among people incarcerated for violent felony offenses, two U.S. scholars of criminal justice have said.

“The Council on Criminal Justice report shows that states incarcerated Black adults for violent offenses at a rate over six times that of white adults by 2019, the most recent year for which offense-specific data is available,” wrote Thaddeus L. Johnson and Natasha N. Johnson of Georgia State University in an article published by the media network the Conversation on Saturday.

The scholars believed that the disparity demonstrates the structural and economic barriers that Black Americans continue to face.

According to their analysis, striking racial gaps, rooted in a legacy of structural racism, have left generations of Black people with disproportionately less wealth and education, lower access to health care, less stable housing, and differential exposure to environmental harms.

“Such factors contribute to concentrated poverty, racially segregated neighborhoods, and other community conditions tied to violent offending,” said the article.