JV Stalin: Reply to Ukrainian Comrades in the Rear and At the Front! Pravda 213 – 13.12.1917! (15.1.2023)

JV Stalin (Hard-back) Collected Works Volume Four (1917-1920)

Some years ago I had a very interesting dialogue with members of the New Communist Party (NCP) in the UK – who were busy jettisoning their Stalinist past – and preparing the groundwork for supporting the ‘Juche’ ideology of North Korea! Possibly because of this change in ideological direction – I was able to acquire the ‘Collected Works’ of JV Stalin (for a price) – which were in thirteen (hard-back) volumes (1901-1907 – 1930-1934). This set was ‘new’ (‘unread’) and included two extra (hard-back) volumes – namely the ‘Short Biography of Joseph Stalin’ and the ‘History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’. As a number of people have asked to see these books in my library – here they are:

My ‘Collected Works’ of JV Stalin – Courtesy of the NCP!

I think that there are some similar sets which include books (or ‘texts’) after 1934 – but I do not possess any of these sets. I have always thought that JV Stalin’s leadership skills of the USSR 1936-1945 would be of the utmost interest for the working-class! From 1936-1939 the USSR coordinated the International Working-Class in its fight against the Catholic-backed ‘Fascist’ uprising in Spain! During the late 1930s the Soviet Red Army not only took on a ‘Fascist’ Finnish Army (an enemy encouraged by Hitler and the capitalist West) – and whilst doing this also inflicted consecutive military defeats upon some of the best Units the Imperial Japanese Army had to offer (during 1938 on the Manchurian-Korean border – and during 1939 on the Manchurian-Mongolian border). What follows, however, involves a report made by JV Stalin during December, 1917, when the Catholic Church (and capitalist West) was deliberately causing derision primarily throughout Western Ukraine – interpreting the presence of an ‘Internationalist’ Soviet Army (which included Ukrainian volunteers) as being merely a ‘Russian Army’ pursuing Bourgeois ‘Nationalist’ aims of conquering land and subjugating populations! As a text, it is like a script exactly describing what is happening in the Ukraine today! Of course, there is a ‘Russian Army’ today – but it is coming to the aid of those Ukrainians in the ‘East’ of that country who want nothing to do with the US-backed Neo-Nazi regime headquartered in the West of Ukraine!