USSR: First CD and Player – 1987! (29.5.2022)

These Workers Had Just Four Years Left of Security!

First Soviet CD In November 1987, the Mechanical Engineering exhibition was held in Moscow, dedicated, as usual, to the 70th anniversary of the October Revolution. The Soviet people possessed just four more years of psychological and physical security before the collapse of the Revolution and a return to barbarism, profit-making and war! One of the sections of this exhibition was devoted to consumer goods. It was there that the first Soviet CD and the first Soviet CD player were officially presented. The first CD in the world had been developed and released during 1982 in Japan and latera during 1983 in Europe. Born in the USSR – subscribe

Первый советский CD

В ноябре 1987 года в Москве прошла выставка «Машиностроение», посвящённая, как водится, 70-летию октябрьской революции.

Один из разделов выставки был отдан товарам народного потребления. Именно там официально был презентован первый советский компакт-диск и первый советский CD-проигрыватель.

Рождённый в СССР – подписаться

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