Email: Beware the Manipulative ‘Parent/Carer Survey – Spring 2022’ Put-Out by the ‘Privatised’ Academy Schools in the UK! (12.2.2022)

Beware the ‘Privatisation’ of the UK Schools!

Dear Warwick

Our local Academy is putting-out these questionnaires which are designed to give the false impression that the parents of children currently attending the school – and who respond – are ‘agreeing’ with the ‘privatisation’ process. This is designed to be achieved through what looks like – on the surface – the presentation of a set of innocuous and common-sense questions that are in fact ‘leading’ (and slightly ‘absurd’) when viewed from an intended or certain over-arching perspective. Such questions like ‘Is Your Child Happy?’, ‘How Safe is Your Child at School?’, ‘Does the Academy Keep Order in the Classroom?’, ‘Are You Happy with the Management of the School?’ or ‘Does the Academy Provide Ample Extra-Curricula Activities?’ (the latter of which are all paid for by the parents, of course, a key area of profit production for the academies), etc, certainly contain a subtle but sinister element to them. Note also the use of the phrase ‘Local Governing Body’, this is the ‘privatised’ Trust – that has replaced the Local Education Authority (LEA) – comprised of local (and often ‘not so local’) business interests that are responsible to the Tory government of ‘monetising’ our children’s education! People should be made aware of these questionaries’ and consider carefully how to fill them out in a manner that benefits the masses and not the Tory government or its policies of exploiting the country’s children for monetary profit!

Yours sincerely 


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