Deconstructing the Fascist (White) Racist and Coward AKA ‘Candice Goddard’ (Whoever That is)!  (17.11.2021)

Hitler Was Very Popular in the Mind of This Author!

[THE SANGHA KOMMUNE (SSR)] Please moderate: “The Holocaust that Capitalism Caused” 

Date: Wednesday, 17 November 2021 09:13 

I do not receive a great deal of confrontational ‘anti-intellectual’ vitriol, usually because the strength of my arguments is such that those who support the viewpoints being exposed and deconstructed, would have to be either very brave (or very stupid) to voluntarily expose themselves to this kind of withering fire! Being British, I find US anti-intellectualism a hilarious entity to encounter and a joy read through, laugh at and consign to the dustbin of history where it undoubtedly belongs! Today, however, I received a ‘Corker’ of a Trump-like text of utter ‘inverted’ confusion, contradiction, dishonesty and general immaturity and misunderstanding! Normally, such pathetic attempts of the far-right to gain my attention simply receive the ‘delete’ treatment without being read, but I was asked recently to ‘deconstruct’ one of these futile attempts to deploy fascist ideology and I have randomly chosen the following effort which was a ‘comment’ intended to be affixed to my 2018 post regarding our visit to the Soviet War Memorial (London) on the 26.1.2021 on ‘Holocaust Memorial Day. 

Candice Goddard – 

‘What I find amazing is how hate filled this article and the other one about the same event are. Both articles imply that it is the fault of “Jewish groups” that the soviet involvement in the liberation of concentration camps is not more celebrated or known in the West. True the term, “non Jewish groups” is also used, but I don’t believe one gets a PhD without having the ability to know how to do basic language manipulation to get your point across. If the groups are both “Jewish and non Jewish” then it is redundant to state that any were Jews.’ 

The author is a ‘White’ British male using a fake photograph to give the false impression that non-White people not only ‘relate’ to White fascist ideology – but paradoxically also support White fascist ideology. In other words – and is the thrust of his entire post – ‘the victims of White fascism support the White fascism they are the victim of’. He attempts to uses the term ‘Jew’ in a highly emotive sense in an attempt to ‘camouflage’ what he is really doing. As a fascist and a neo-Nazi – he is continuing the attack upon Jews begun by his ideological ancestors, and falsely preswenting this ongoing offensive as a ‘defence’ of the Jews. He continues this policy when he states: 

‘The word “various” works just as well, but the point is to blame Jews. Someone who wasn’t fixated on Jews might have written: 

“This is an important event – as most others (which will happen on Sunday) are comprised of *various* groups that actively conspire to ‘excise’ the fact that the Soviet Red Army ‘liberated’ Auschwitz and medically cared for the survivors.”’ 

This perpetuator of neo-Nazism deliberately conflates ‘Zionists’ (who are both ‘Jews’ and ‘Non-Jews’) with ‘ethnic’ Jews (or are logically only ‘Jews’). Ethnic Judaism is spread throughout the world and contains many adherents who ‘reject’ and ‘condemn’ Zionist ideology. The fascist author deliberately ignores the subject of ‘Zionism’ because he is aware of the close historical association between certain historical elements of Zionism and German Nazism. It is this aspect of ‘Zionism’ which refuses to acknowledge the Soviet Red Army’s ‘Liberation’ of the Death Camps – and not ‘Jews’ (or ‘Judaism’) in general as implied by the fascist author.  

‘That’s so strange. I thought that the Cold War was the reason why Soviet involvement is downplayed…’ 

This sentence is indeed ‘strange’ because the thought processes of the fascist poster have a) reached the extremities of their natural ability (which were ‘limited’ to start with), and b) have ground to a definite ‘halt’ in the face of the ‘weight’ of my logical and moral arguments. In-short, this advance of this fascist has been ‘stopped’ at the gates of Moscow and now it is time to through these fascist hordes back in the direction they came! What other futile arguments will this weakened fascist employ from here-on? Let’s see… 

‘Next in both articles, the term, “inferior races” is used which in the context suggests that you agree with the Nazi ideology about the inferiority of some races in comparison to others. I say this because you wrote: 

“6 million Jews died, as did 5 million homosexuals, disabled, Communists, inferior races and anti-Nazis in the Death Camps” But if you had no special interests you could have written, “6 million Jews died in death camps, as well as 5 million people of other ethnic groups, homosexuals, communists, disabled people and anti-Nazis.”’ 

Now the back of this fascist offensive has been broken – we may start to ‘play’ with the air of pseudo-academia he employs and the anti-intellectualism he enjoys! After-all, he possesses no other weapons to play with! His obvious lack of a formal education is equalled by his lack of the use of hyphens and his inability to actually ‘name’ and ‘reference’ what has by now morphed into the mythical beast of the fabled ‘second article’. Yes – this fascist poster became ‘confused’ by more than one article existing in two different places! As he has run-out of steam he has literally started ‘writing’ my article back at me by reversing its content and asking himself ‘what I might think about’ – as if he’s masturbating to Mein Kampf in a darkened room. 

‘If you want to pretend that your use of the term “inferior races” was only in line with Nazi ideology, that makes no sense because not only were the gypsies who were killed actually members of the Aryan ethnic group but also Jews are an ethnic group as well, and the Nazis considered homosexuals to be sexual deviants. Disabled people were inferior physical specimens and “anti-Nazis” (whatever that means) as well as Communists would be political opponents. Yet you only use the phrase, “inferior races” in your two articles, probably because you’re a racist who agrees with that.’ 

We may add capital letters to the non-use of hyphens. Now we reach the crux of this fascist poster’s efforts. He has struggled manfully to reach this point of inverted logic. Yes – this is where this neo-Nazi accuses his image of me in his own mind – of sharing his racist ideology that exists in the same mind! You can see his anti-logic of guilt by association! My image of ‘me’ in his mind must be exactly ‘like his mind’!  And here we are. The fascist poster must pause for thought because he does not believe in the strength of his own arguments! He fears my words and yet cannot help but live in awe of them! Again, he quotes my intellectual work back at me (whilst reversing the lists) because he has none of his own work worth quoting! 

‘You’ve whined about Soviet involvement not being recognised, yet the Allies forces were made up of many non whites that came from various parts of the world to fight in a war that had nothing to do with them. Where’s the recognition of that? Where’s the recognition of how when non white veterans went back to the USA, they still faced racism, persecution and murder? These people can’t even get recognition in their own country but people in the West need to do more to recognise the soviet, self serving involvement? Why?’ 

No hyphens, capital letters or balls – but lots of pleading and undignified ‘whys?’ This White fascist now deploys his pathetic veneer of pseudo-non-Whiteness. His angst is the fault of non-White people! Randomly add the word ‘Soviet’ and you have his entire non-argument in a nutshell! Why must ‘real’ history continuously depart from Mein Kampf?  

‘Also I’m not sure how capitalism caused the Holocaust unless you mean that various economic conditions that contributed to the war. Socialism which is just the other side of the coin from Communism, was the direct cause of the holocaust just like socialism/communism caused the Cambodian genocide under the Khmer Rouge.’ 

The poster would have us believe that Hitler was not that bad… For some reason he feels the need to inform me of his mistaken belief. 

‘Human society developed naturally out of the egalitarian state, that’s not a debatable point, it’s a fact. This happened naturally, right alongside sex based roles, people are not all the same, just as humans are sexually dismorphic we’re also all different in terms of ability. Humans are not all equally able, equally intelligent, equally hard working, equally sane, equally selfish and so on. Attempting to implement this is delusional and will ALWAYS end in eugenics, mass murder or genocide because even if everyone somehow were equally intelligent and able, there will always be those who are more selfish or manipulative. People who take resources but don’t give back are a drain on this kind of system so they need to be gotten rid of. Also to convert to that type of system, resources that have been horded need to be re-distributed. That’s why groups who horde resources ALWAYS die first. So like in Nazi Germany the population turned a blind eye because they believed their lives would be better by redistribution of other people’s wealth. You know, having the people be taken off to die or outright killing them and stealing their belongings?’ 

Self-hatred, inverted thinking, poor thought processes and a literal belief in Hitler.. After writing this garbage – this fascist poster must have been very disappointed that my blog-post settings require the ‘Moderating’ of all comments with must being immediately deleted  

‘To be honest I believe that people who can look at all the historical evidence of the failures of socialism and communism and still believe that they could do it better, suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder and possible something else.’ 

This fascist poster is anything but ‘honest’ but he is committed to ‘lying’ and for placing a female photograph that he has stolen from somewhere. Not being able to ‘spell’ and lacking basic grammar limits exactly what this fascist poster is attempting to convoy. As with most White extremists – he is confused and functions through a skewed filter of reality. Nothing is has to say is coherent or relevant to any of my work – other than he represents the cesspit all Socialists and Communists aim to confront and crush. This White man is the worst sort of coward (similar to the paedophile) who decides to hide their true identity behind a photograph of a non-White woman! Still, I have enjoyed the 5 or 10 minutes it has took to dismantle and deconstruct this pile of utter bullshit! Continue the fight Comrades – this is the best the fascists can send against us! 

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