Email: What Happens When Chinese People Resist European Oppression! (13.11.2021)

Dear Comrades

The following is a dialectical ‘snap-shot‘ of UK life for the British Chinese community c. 2005-2006. Since then, the presence and strength of the Mainland Chinese community in the UK has grown and prospered in all directions (as more and more Mainland Chinese people travel to study and work throughout the West) due to the anti-racist and ‘Internationalist’ educational policies advocated by the CPC within China! This success has continued to grow despite an ‘official’ anti-China policy enacted by the US, UK and EU governments, which demonises ALL Chinese people regardless of whether they support the highly damaging ideology of predatory capitalism or not! In other words, we are ALL in the same dialectical boat of systemic oppression, and it is in all our best interests if we start rowing together and in the same direction!

The Monitoring Group (a British-Indian initiative inspired by the Black Panthers in the US) did divert a section of its income in Solidarity to Min Quan – but the incident I explained to you earlier (regarding Eileen Jia and the murder of her husband – Gao Huang Chen – on 23.4.2005 by a multicultural mob of feral youths in Manchester) finished off ‘The Monitoring Group’ Min Quan as a viable protest outlet (it exists today only on paper and has given-up any genuine ‘independent’ protest work). Middle class British born Chinese people started vocally supporting the British State and the capitalist system (on their various ‘bourgeois’ online discussion forums such as ‘Dim Sum’ and ‘BBC’, etc) – stating that ‘Communist’ Mainlanders ‘get what they deserve’ when they go abroad and ’cause trouble’! This unjust, unfair and ‘inverted’ criticism apparently extended to the passive acceptance of the crime of Chinese people being murdered by non-Chinese people – simply for being ‘Mainland Chinese’! This lack of ethnic Chinese unity in the West has always made it difficult to create a United Front.

This is a definite victory for imperialism. Racism and violence are viewed as a type of inevitable capitalist regulatory mechanism by those Chinese people psychologically and physically entrapped within it – justified by the notion that if the supposed wealth acquired whilst living in the West is ‘preferred’ then the attending regulatory racial violence is inevitable and should be accepted with quietude. I can tell you one thing, the idea of Chinese ‘capitalist’ wealth in the West is a media generated myth! Tens of thousands of Chinese people live in abject poverty here, but are kept from organising around Socialism by a minority of dominant middle-class Chinese people who live hand in glove with the White British Establishment! I had the honour of talking with – and on occasion – accompanying ‘Jabez Lam’ as he walked around London’s Chinatown and witnessed first-hand the respect with which he was treated! Of course, because he was overtly ‘Socialist’, he has been ‘disappeared’ from the front-line of genuine protest, and has been ‘written-out’ of the official history of the original ‘Min Quan‘ movement. My view is that he ‘knew’ too much about the corrupt activities of a small clique of high-ranking and influential members of the so-called ‘British Born Chinese Community’ – a number of thoroughly corrupt individuals who had a) historically requested and benefitted from the help of Jabez Lam in the past, whilst b) repaying that ‘help’ by pursuing a continuous policy of ‘undermining’ and ‘demonising’ his ‘Socialist’ work of building Solidarity throughout the entire British Chinese Community – by supporting the reactionary British State and aggressive (pro-capitalist) and overtly ‘racist’ policies of the ever lurking Trotskyism that hides malevolently within the shadows…

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