Canada: 1490’s (English) Henry VII ‘Half Groat’ (Two-Penny Piece) Found – Or ‘When Mainstream Archaeology Unquestionally Supports European Genocide Throughout the Americas’!

Christopher Columbus is recorded in his own words as being a ‘rapist of indigenous children’ (as the Catholic Church had declared the non-Christian indigenous populations of the world ‘sub-human) and in the numerous words of others as being the flashpoint for a European-led genocide throughout the Americas that by c. 1610, is estimated (within recent academic research) as killing and murdering around sixty-million indigenous people! This is nearly the population of modern Britain! Why then, is this ‘coin’ considered a ‘good find’, and why is it that the archaeologists involved say ‘nothing’ about the true history of Christopher Columbus – but instead strives diligently to use their findings to ‘support’ his historicity? What is going-on here? Why is this ‘coin’ not compared with the far older Viking and Chinese coins found in the area, and contextualised as being subordinate to these finds (as well as being an example of an ‘early’ invading currency from Europe with little or no relevance to the host community) or correctly depicted as being of no relevance to the advanced economic exchange systems already being made use of by the indigenous populations throughout the Americas before the devastating European arrival? By not ‘questioning’ the historicity of Columbus – these so-called ‘Archaeologists’ – utilise a form of academic terrorism with their dating of the coin to being between ‘1493-1499’ – which implies a certain deterministic inevitability to the mass-slaughter and hideous exploitation that then unfolded (and continues today)! This type of Eurocentric academia ‘supports’ the mythology of Columbus which reduced the death of millions to convenient dates on a calendar! Columbus did not discover an ’empty’ America teeming with untapped natural resources just waiting to be plundered by an ‘enlightened’ European culture – he found ancient populations of settled (and ‘civilised’) people already settled and living in villages, towns and cities up and down vast coastal expanses! Furthermore, both the Chinese and the Vikings had sailed to the Americas a longtime before Columbus. It was only when the indigenous people were pushed-out of their homes and were forced into the untamed interior that the Planes Indian culture was forced into existence by European tyranny, and even the, this culture as a response to European imperialist oppression was only concretised after 1776 when the European ‘White’ settlers declared that they now ‘owned’ the Americas and intended to ‘marginalise’ and ‘wipe-out’ the indigenous populations! Articles like this, assist the ‘White’ Europeans to sleep warm in their beds at night knowing that an English coin arrived on the Canadian shore just a year after Columbus accidently stumbled onto the islands he named the ‘West Indies’ whilst actually looking for East India (in Asia)!

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