Email: ABBA or ‘Abwehr’? (13.11.2021)

Abwehr in Norway – Where It All Began for ABBA!

Dear Gillian

Well, it cannot be any worse than ABBA’s new album ‘The Voyage’ – their first in forty-years. Start with the last track entitled ‘Ode to Freedom’. This should be retitled ‘Ode to Capitalism’ and carry the explanatory note of ‘It’s been forty years of extreme opulence, endless material wealth, and fawning hangers-on who think even ABBA going to the toilet should be released on an epic three-hour DVD – which features Bjorn psychologically ‘making love’ to the fans (remember them?) who fund this fairy wonderland, and keep purchasing the endless compilations of what amounts to our pre-1981 output specially arranged in endless variations of sequences!’ ABBA literally’ ‘Canute’ remember who they are and what they did around fifty-years ago to warrant all this wealth – but they have remained suitably ‘aware’ to know it had something to do with the arrangement of percussion instruments, divorce, Eurovision (remember that?) and a complete denial of the Nazi German SS input that fed into their respective families circa 1940 (and beyond) as Buzz Lightyear would opine! I would describe this album as being the ‘swirly human refuse’ as it circles the u-bend prior to disappearing and beginning its tumultuous journey to a beach somewhere in Brighton…

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