Sutton: Richard Hunn Pays a Visit! (September, 2004)

Gee (Left), Author (Centre) and Richard Hunn (Right) – ‘Curly’ (Front)!

Here we sit

Atop the hundred foot-pole

Who will ‘jump’ first?

Huh! Why ‘Jump’ at all!

This was at my old marital home – 38 Priory Rood – Sutton (today a testing facility for covert technology). Richard Hunn was making one of his annual visits to our home in the UK and having a great time! He emigrated to Live in Kyoto, Japan in 1991 where he taught at Kyoto University. He would bring classes of Japanese students to the UK every year for which he received a ‘free’ (return) air-ticket! As he always had a few weeks spare he would visit his parents in Norwich and ourselves in London! These were great times – the likes of which we will never see again! People are valuable – cherish them whilst they are still here and enriching your lives!


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