Spielberg Offers to Direct Fictious Falun Gong Cult Movie! 

Li Hongzhi During His Earlier Career as a Stand-Up Comic!

A symposium of psychiatrists and psychologists (from East and West) have met in Beijing discussing the mental health of Li Hongzhi – the founder of the Falun Gong Cult. This coming together by a panel of experts dealing with danger religious delusion was suggested by General Secretary Xi Jinping during a telephone-call between himself and the Joe Biden – the President of the United States. Although much of the Falun Gong Cult rhetoric was designed, developed and put into operation by the notorious CIA – the recent coming to light of CIA criminal activity has reinforced the concerns the current Democratic Administration has concerning the pro-Trump Falun Gong Cult – the routine criminality of which has increased in recent years throughout the US. Similar concerns have been voiced by various other European countries and Russia, as well as an increasing number of Asian countries. The glory days are over for the Falun Gong Cult and it is now only a matter of time before its final demise!  

Li Hingzhi – Follow the Leader!

The CIA’s original plan was to have an out-of-control Falun Gong Cult firmly re-established within Mainland China and carrying-out its destructive policies fully supported by America ‘at a distance’ so-to-speak. The failure of achieving the first vital part has led to a malignant Falun Gong Cult ‘festering’ in the Mainland USA with its brain-washed and maniacal members becoming ever bolder in their outrageous criminality! Although programmed in many ways, this pattern of behaviour was supposed to see Li Hongzhi re-inserted back into Mainland China with the entirety of his movement so that he could lead a religiously-inspired uprising! After causing considerable damage to China’s infrastructure, America was going to lead a UN Force to ‘liberate’ the Chinese people – but Li Hongzhi remains firmly ensconced in the luxury of his LA mansion – raping women and girls to his heart content! This type of excessive criminality – coupled with Li Hongzhi’s racism and homophobia – has sent shock-waves across the US, particularly following the death of George Floyd at the hands of racist US police! 

More and More Falun Gong Cult Members Are Committing Crime in the US!

China has offered the US a deal which would see Li Hongzhi taken into custody by the US Authority and taken back to China where he would be housed in a purpose-built clinic for rest of his natural life. The plan is to create a film-set reality around him that indulges his delusions of grandeur. Steven Spielberg has offered his expertise which would see an advanced Special Effects department establishing props which could be remote-controlled as and when Li Hongzhi feels the need to ‘demonstrate’ his magical powers. The background story would involve a fictious world victory for the Falun Gong Culy which would see Queen Elizabeth II declare Li Hongzhi the ‘Living-Buddha of the Universe’ and given a set of rooms in the Palace of the People. He would control his empire through three huge computer screens which would show him the world he controls, and the reality he causes to happen! He can order mock robberies, rape and executions without ever going outside of his ‘clinic’ – believing in his own self-generated reality that exists nowhere but in his own mind. President Biden has stated that the US is willing to contribute toward this project which would see ALL the Falun Gong Cult practitioners taken off the streets and imprisoned – whilst Li Hongzhi would be processed into an elaborate scientific experiment!  

Former Falun Gong Cult Members Recovers Well from Li Hongzhi’s Instruction!

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