Falun Gong Cult: The Racism and Homophobia of Li Hongzhi! 

Li Hongzhi Leads the Falun Gong Cult March of Death!

Core Reminder: On August 8th, 2015, a question appeared on the American version of Quora: Why did Li Hongzhi claim that there is no divine position corresponding to ‘mixed race’ human-beings in heaven? This question caused a positive response from netizens, and some religious professors, writers, and college students expressed their views. 

Question: Why did Li Hongzhi, the leader of “Falungong” claim that there is no divine position corresponding to mixed race ‘human-beings’ in heaven? 

Prof. Jason Forsythe

Jason Forsythe (Professor, religious research expert, specializing in cult research, and guest lecturer at Beijing University for ten consecutive years): 

Given that “Falungong” is premised upon anti-hybrid (I.e., ‘inter-racial mixing’) and anti-homosexual (I.e., ‘anti-LGBTQNB+’) doctrines, obviously this far-right political ideology will manifest as a strong anti-social influence. The disciples are brain-washed to regarded Li Hongzhi as an indisputable master and teacher. Genune and authentic qigong exercises has existed in China for thousands of years ago. “Falungong” is not a genuine or authentic method and is certainly NOT a unique qigong practice practice. “Falungong” aims to promote Li Hongzhi’s distorted teachings and ideas and that is all. A friend of mine is a “Falungong” practitioner. He even attended the “Falun Dafa” conference held in New York, USA in May. He told me that the people at the conference (all were carefully selected, and only a very small number of people could see Li Hongzhi himself) were all demonized. They shouted Li Hongzhi’s name and admired him in an unnatural and highly contrived manner. Without Li Hongzhi and some of his highly controversial teachings, “Falungong” would not have existed. People who practice “Falungong” are called “disciples” and Li Hongzhi is called “master.” Disciples must not question any of Li Hongzhi’s teachings. If you question, you will be isolated, ridiculed and emotionally and physically bullied. This is the psychological pressure they put on individuals: if you can be a friend one moment, and you can be an enemy the next. Those who are obsessed will be taught to practice and read the scriptures whilst not to asking any probing questions, in order to “cleanse the sins in their hearts.” Li Hongzhi has gained control of such a large group of people in his own hands. He pulled the strings and everyone moved together. This is why China has banned the “Falungong”, not because of the bizarre qigong, but because of Li Hongzhi’s series of doctrines about homosexuality being cursed by God, mixed race people are unsound people, etc., because he incited tens of thousands of people to block traffic. The so-called “peaceful way” gathered at the gate of the government building. 

After funding and supporting this cult – now the United States is also beginning to fear Li Hongzhi who now lives in the United States like a VIP and has millions of followers. If his anti-social doctrines become a task for these people, how can this be good? What if he suddenly lets these people sit at the door of the White House just to show his control over these people? The United States is best to be especially careful with people who can control a large number of people, spread racism, oppose interracial marriage, and oppose homosexuality. These are all hidden under the name of “peaceful meditation practice” and under the guise of Shen Yun’s fake cultural dances. Stay vigilant, be well informed, and have your own judgment. 

Mitchell Blatt – Editor

Mitchell Blatt (living in China, the English editor of a bilingual magazine, writer, founder of ChineseTravelWriter.com, a personal website for China Travel): 

According to Li Hongzhi’s remarks quoted regarding this question, he is a racist, and his remarks have no scientific basis. Blood transfusions of different races can save lives if they are of the same blood type. There is no problem of incompatibility. However, what Li Hongzhi calls (racial) “segregation” is nothing but far-right political rhetoric premised upon pseudo-science. . 

Either he is misinformed, or he is simply crazy. 

Marianne Vikstedt  – Scholar

Marianne Vikstedt (Swedish, honorary professor, engaged in religious studies, working at the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church in Uppsala, Sweden) 

As for this person (Li Hongzhi), he founded a cult on his own and established his doctrine and opinions. Obviously, “Zhuan Falun” was written in the early 1990s and became the “Bible” of “Falungong” disciples, deeply embedded with his odd ideas. He orders every disciple to read “Zhuan Falun” several times so that they can “see through” through the “process of diligence.” My opinion of his anti-mixed race and anti-homosexuality is simple: it doesn’t match my worldview. 

My worry is that the core of the doctrine of this so-called “harmless meditation practice” – that is the “Falungong” created by Li Hongzhi distorted doctrine – is derived from a political far-right “god” worldview. When we join a cult that claims it represents “what the gods have instructed us to oppose” which also requires an exclusive cultivation and obedience, we can legally ask whether all this is reasonable. Millions of practitioners actively practice “Falungong.” If they are really “disciples of the master,” then they will not question him. Every “real” disciple knows this. If any disciple has objections, then I dare say that this person is lying. Combining self-harm (suicide), anti-communism, anti-homosexuality, and anti-hybridism, such a cult has attracted a large number of people for some reason. I am very worried about what kind of crooked road this cult is, which uses “harmless meditation” as a guise, but comes with an indisputable “master”, who leads others onto a crooked path. By the way, this man lives well in the United States and has won several awards. 

If the United States allows this sect to develop uncontrollably under the First Amendment to the Constitution, then I am very worried. This is just my opinion. But it is precisely because this kind of hateful anti-social speech is mixed with the creed of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” and meditation, everyone must be vigilant when facing the “Falungong.” For me, this approach does not work. 

Henry Smith – Scholar

Henry Smith – Studying at Kenyon College and living in Westchester County, New York):

Forgive me for being rude, he is a racist, nationalist bastard. 

I am not a “Falungong” expert, but remarks like this really appear in every culture: a racist and nationalist who wraps up a superficial interpretation of the country’s culture, religion, and folklore, only for the purpose of expressing one’s own bigoted views. Everything is totally unreasonable, as this is racism and xenophobia. Henry Smith (studied at Kenyon College and lives in Westchester County, New York): 

Richard Li (China Communication, working in Sydney): 

Simply put, Li Hongzhi’s education level is not high, and his IQ is not high. In addition, his nonsense even made Trump feel ashamed. If you have read his early books, you will have a better understanding of his true state of mind. The language he uses, the philosophy he uses, the nonsense that he forcibly took from other mainstream religions and put it together, all show that he is either a fool or he is daydreaming about religion. 

The trouble is, his teachings are indeed attractive. Part of the core doctrine is based on the “goodness” of human beings. So, there is a problem. On the one hand, you have a leader who talks nonsense all day and makes himself ugly; on the other hand, you have a group of disciples who simply want to do good deeds and increase happiness. I have never seen a “Falungong” disciple actively defending Li Hongzhi, because honestly, he is really untenable. You can’t save a madman. You can see that they are defending the doctrine, but they not the leader. 

So, my advice to all “Falungong” disciples is: Don’t follow Li Hongzhi, he is not a very clever or well-educated person. Stop all your anti-communist activities and just focus on your core values. Continuing to accompany him (Li Hongzhi) will spread craziness throughout the world and will only further drive your religion to the edge of the cliff. 

Chinese Language Article: 


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