Cuba – BBC Lies and US Terrorism!

Heroes of the Cuban Revolution!

The true story about Cuba is the decades of US terrorism aimed at it – and the suffering this has caused despite UN condemnation and International criticism! BBC has been banned in China for its policy of perpetuating US disinformation about China which is racist in nature and anti-working class ineffect. The BBC has been lying for years, however, hiding its deficient and bias news coverage behind the false fronts of ‘impartiality’ and ‘accuracy’ (the 1989 so-called ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’ is just one prime example subsequently exposed by Wikileaksas ‘fake’ in 2011). In reality the BBC exhibits neither of these qualities and does what it says on the box – namely agitate in favour of the bourgeoisie and the brutal capitalist system its upholds. Even when the UN found the Tories and LibDems guilty of deliberately murdering over 120,000 disabled (and vulnerable) people in the UK through Austerity between 2010-2016 – the BBC refused to not only report the ongoing situation – but also failed to cover the continuous (and massive) anti-Austerity protest marches around the UK (that saw hundreds of thousands gather outside the BBC headquarters in London)! With this appalling record of attempting to mislead and brainwash its audience, the BBC has only just finished reporting the US-backed terrorist activities in Hong Kong as protests for ‘freedom’ when we are told of yet another manifestation of ‘anti-Socialist’ discontent in Cuba! This is a ‘Socialist’ country which has stood tall over all the decades of US terrorism aimed at it, and whose doctors and nurses distinguished themselves around the world in the recent Covid19 Pandemic! As there are no protests aimed at the Socialist System – the BBC appears to be up to its usual trucks of supporting US terrorism within countries Joe Biden has earmarked for ‘regime change’! This is why the BBC is bust trumpeting its false agenda of protests in Cuba and all the (reactionary) news agencies around the world are busy following suite!

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