USSR: The Disturbing Case of Anatoly Slivko (1938-1989)

Anatoly Slivko and wife Lyudmila

Translator’s Note: A recent FBI report states that at any one time in the US there are at least ‘fifty’ uncaught serial killers plying their deadly trade! Throughout the whole of the capitalist world this pattern reproduces itself as the inherent and oppressive contradictions inherent within the capitalist system make their presence felt in the form of mental illness and aberrant patterns of behaviour! There have been thousands of serial killers in the capitalist West with more being produced with every new generation! Within the Socialist and Communist countries, however, such crime is either non-existent or relatively very small in number. Although the USSR sought to abolish the death penalty for political crimes – it was Nikita Khrushchev who wanted to copy the example of the USA and introduce the death penalty for civil crimes despite Karl Marx, Lenin and Stalin all being very reluctant to apply such a punishment to the mistakes made by the ordinary workers. Although Joseph Stalin abolished the death penalty entirely after the War Crimes Trials post-WWII (around 1948(, it was the Trotskyite Khrushchev that introduced as a punishment for civil society in 1959, etc. Normally, what should have happened is that someone exhibiting extreme and dangerous dysfunction should have been locked away and ‘studied’ by the Soviet State never to be released. This did not happen in the case of Anatoly Slivko who was ‘shot’ as the fulfilment of the death sentence pronounced against him. I suspect he was probably shot in the back of the head whilst sat blindfolded on a chair. Finally, around 34 million Soviet men, women and children were killed by the Nazi Germans (and their allies) between 1941-1945! Despite this horrendous suffering – which included wide-speed rape, maiming and torture – most Soviet citizens managed to re-build their lives and assist in the re-building of the Socialist USSR! The vast majority did not feel the need to resort to mass murder, child abuse or sexual perversion! ACW (10.6.2021) 

Evidence of His Crimes…

Anatoly Emelyanovich Slivko (December 28th, 1938, Izberbash , Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, RSFSR, USSR – September 16th, 1989, Novocherkassk, Rostov Region, RSFSR, USSR) was a Soviet serial killer and paedophile operating in the city of Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol Territory. Slivko ran the Chergid tourist club, in which he took schoolchildren on hikes, and mas a Member of the Communist Party of the USSR – holding the title of Honoured Teacher… In the period from 1964 to 1985, he attacked 43 young children – killing 7 boys and teenagers who were his pupils. Slivko was sentenced to death and shot in Novocherkassk prison. 

“… I met my wife Lyudmila at work… I didn’t feel strong feelings, before my marriage I didn’t touch her and didn’t even kiss her. My wife told me later that she regarded this behaviour of mine as the standard of modesty and only for this reason she married me. She was my first and only woman, but I could not have sexual intercourse with her after registering the marriage. I tried to do it, but nothing worked, despite my sincere desire and commitment to my wife. Two months after the wedding, my wife went to the gynaecologist and returned very upset, painfully worried, rude to me and kicked me out of the bedroom. I think that my wife’s virginity was violated through medical intervention … For a long time, I felt remorse and helplessness in front of my wife, but I could not do anything. She became indifferent to me … For seventeen years of marriage, I had sexual contact with my wife no more than a dozen times … despite all my efforts … the penis only slightly swelled and ejaculation began … however, the wife gave birth to two children (Igor (b. 1971) and Eugene (p. 1975). 

The recurrent sexual pressure oppressed me and demanded some kind of action, which ultimately ended in masturbation. The act required imagination, a fantasy associated with the appearance of a boy who died in a traffic accident, his clothes. In my fantasy world, which for me has become more real than reality, there are adventures, chases, smart and happy boys in black shoes. I can do whatever I want with them, they like it and they smile at me. Realizing that for the embodiment of such fantasies, sacrifices will be needed, I thought about how to get a boy unconscious … In books on medicine, I came across a description of retrograde amnesia, in which, as a result of a short-term hanging, all that is associated with experience is erased from it. I decided to experiment … 

When I dismembered the victim, I did not feel disgust, but subconsciously assessed the situation, some thoughts assessed the bad side of my actions, others – the stronger ones – forced me to do the bad and portended satisfaction … … He buried corpses and body parts, and burned clothes with gasoline. I prepared for everything in advance … For each sexual intercourse, I needed to see blood … But after the release of sexual pressure, that is, after satisfying the passion, common sense suggested that often this should not be done, that it was very bad, and I was constantly looking for new opportunities, intermediate options not related to murder. There was an idea to take as many photos as possible, so that, after looking at them, reproduce the whole process, get excited, get satisfaction. Sometimes he used the imagination of what had happened before. I had such feelings for my sons: when no one was at home and I had sexual pressure, I imagined my son in a similar situation. And masturbated on his shoe … 

No, I have never smoked or drank. I always felt bad about alcohol. I tried to get drunk in order to feel attracted to women in such a state, but nothing worked. In addition, I worked with children, I felt responsible, this is a matter of my morality, a matter of principle. I could not appear in front of children with the smell of alcohol … I did not communicate with anyone, I did not know neighbours on the site, I did not strive for anything, I did not envy anyone. He returned to the place of murder several times, about a month after the murder, sometimes earlier. Imagination worked, and I needed to restore everything that had happened and get pleasure. At these moments I did not feel any fear … After one of the murders, I took the victim’s clothes and watch, these integral parts caused me an increased understanding of the past events. I tried to make a doll so as not to kill the living, but to use the doll to relieve sexual pressure.” Anatoly Slivko 

Anatoly Slivko – ‘Honoured Teacher’

He found his victims (mostly boys from disadvantaged families) among the members of the children’s tourist club, which he headed. Possessing a good intuitive knowledge of child psychology, he quickly subordinated them to his will – he involved them in the filming of “adventure films” associated with both imitation and direct violence. He controlled the children by threatening to expel them from the club for ‘imagined’ offenses – but then presented equally fabricated atonements as a motivation to get them to agree to participate in “secret experiment”. Furthermore, he would purchase food and clothing, and even offer them money (including foreign currency). 

In June 1963, Slivko invited a fifth grader to take part in filming. Taking the boy to the forest, he played ‘pioneer scouts’ with him, then offered a “serious test of endurance.” The boy agreed. Slivko tied Nikolai to the trees by the arms and by the neck, and pulled the rope tied to his legs towards himself (he called it “stretching”). Then he asked the boy to portray torment and suffering (wriggle, kick with his feet, etc.). All this was carefully recorded on film. 

In total, 43 members of his club participated in such experiments by Slivko, which over time became more and more dangerous and cruel. The maniac dressed in a boy’s pioneer uniforms, stretched them on ropes, hung them on a tree, watched their torment and convulsions – before carrying=out resuscitation measures. The surviving victims either did not remember what happened or were afraid to talk about it. Nobody believed the children, who nevertheless often told about everything. 

Anatoly Slivko was Arrested 28.12.1986…

In 1964, Slivko was unable to revive 15-year-old called Kolya Dobryshev. He dismembered his body and threw the remains into the Kuban River. In 1973, Slivko strangled 15-year-old Sasha Nesmeyanov. This murder, as well as the subsequent ones, was committed by Slivko on purpose. 

In total, as a result of Slivko’s “weakness”, at least 7 boys under the age of 16 were killed. He filmed the murders and the subsequent dismemberment of the corpses and kept a diary. These materials served as direct evidence against the maniac. He was distinguished by pyromania and pathological shoe fetishism – he sawed or burned the shoes of the children he had killed. The evidence he compiled himself sealed his fate with the Supreme Soviet refusing to commute his death sentence to life in prison.  

At his birth, he was strangled with the umbilical cord. The consequences of this trauma negatively affected the future development of Slivko, as he suffered from headaches all his life, and in adolescence he developed personality traits, which psychiatrists call epileptoid or organic psychopathy. Such people have a “viscous” psyche, which means tend to get stuck and fixate for a long-time on any traumatic event. He got married, however, despite having two children, he paid little attention to his wife. He was a pioneer leader in the pioneer camps. He was engaged in amateur photography and filming. In addition to membership in the CPSU, he was an honoured teacher of the RSFSR school (1977), a drummer for Communist Labour, a Deputy of the Nevinnomyssk City Council, and a Master of Sports in Mountain Tourism. 

One of His Recorded ‘Torture’ Sessions…

His psychopathic tendencies, however, appear to originate in at least three incidents that he experienced growing up. In 1961, he witnessed a road accident in which a drunk motorcyclist crashed into a convoy of pioneers, seriously injuring one of them. The young boy died on the spot. At the same time, Slivko experienced sexual arousal, which he later sought to repeat, reproducing individual details of the accident. Another episode Slivko remembered from childhood: was in 1942, living under the brutal Nazi German occupation. Slivko witnessed the murder of a little boy by a German who, then wiped his boot on the boy’s body to remove his own blood. Also, one episode from childhood was forever imprinted in Slivko’s memory: once, when he and his friends were playing “partisan,” he, like a captured partisan, was hanged from a tree by his playmates (mimicking the murderous behaviour of the Nazi Germans), from which he lost consciousness. 

Anatoly Slivko Kept Meticulous ‘Notes’ About His ‘Experiments’!

Russian Language Texts:Сливко,_Анатолий_Емельянович

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