Nation of Islam Set to Issue Apology for ‘Perceived’ Black Racism!

We Beat Racism by ‘Beating’ the Racists!

After decades of confronting White racism – by simply turning it back upon the White community in the form of Black Nationalism (an early form of ‘recycling’) – the Nation of Islam is set to issue a blanket apology to all White people (including Jews) as a means to mend fences, build bridges and bury hatches! This dramatic change of policy has come about due to the association of certain Arabic Islamic schools embracing extremism and quite often an anti-Black attitude as virulent as the routine anti-White attitude routinely found in Taliban and Al Qaeda ideology! Although White people remain a problem for the Black Muslims, the Nation of Islam rhetoric has now turned its guns against ‘pork eating’ Black folks who settle for a distinctly ‘White’ ideal of life that mimics the Europeans and is content to leave their true Nubian heritage behind! Apologies to the ‘Crackers’ and clear up the ‘Wrackers’ – the new name given to those Black people who are happy to seek out profit, eat the pig and play along with the Whites to give the impression that all is OK! It is time to clear shop and begin a new era of controlling the Crackers and dismantling the Wrackers – a key Nation of Islam Spokesman confirmed! The Nation of Islam is drawing a line under its past and is seeking a new beginning where the movement will now ‘box clever’! The Crackers are the problem, but their allies are the misbehaving Blacks who choose to carry-on their slavish ways of  ‘Wracking-off’ their White masters! 

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