Gay Perversity Prompts Officers to Open Fire!

Gay Man ‘Secretly’ Films Police in Mirror!

US police confirm naked (paraplegic) man was in the midst of ‘going for a weapon’ when three attending Sheriff’s Deputies emptied around 30 rounds into his torso (killing him instantly)! This lays to rest an increasing body of speculation and fake news building over the last week involving unfounded rumours that the ‘Suspect’ was ‘executed’ by the Officers because he was ‘Disabled’, ‘Black’, ‘Gay’ and ‘Unemployed’! However, this explanation has not satisfied everyone concerned with the case. A number of Disability Rights and Civil Rights Groups have voiced discontent with this explanation, and issued joint statements highlighting what they consider to be ‘weak-points’ in the official version of events. How could a paralysed man reach for a weapon? Why has no weapon been found? Why was the man naked? Why did the Officers shoot to kill? Why was there no attempt to assist the man before the Officers opened fire? The Police stated that ‘Gayness’ is a key component in many different aspects of cultural deviancy and sexual perversity and the Officers were genuinely fearful for their own wellbeing and safety. By opening-fire, the immanent danger of ‘Gayness’ was permanently ‘removed’ from the immediate area. The Police finally confirmed that ‘race’ was not a factor in this incident as Gay people of any skin-colour would be treated exactly the same way…

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