Email: Black Criminality and Fake Anti-Racist Narratives! (25.4.2021)

Ma’khia Bryant Armed with a Knife – Attempts to ‘Stab’ Victim…

Dear Gillian

The general BLM narrative is that this police officer is racist because he is ‘White’ (Trotsky lives!) and that the victim of the shooting was an angel who wouldn’t hurt a fly (despite being filmed wielding a knife like a professional)! She was clearly armed and trying to kill another girl! I want to know why there is no interview with the girl whose life the police officer saved – or comments from her grateful parents thanking the police officer for his quick reaction! Bryant’s father was also present apparently ‘encouraging’ the fighting – and according to one news report – had ‘kicked’ one of the girls in the back before the police arrived! Acknowledging and fighting systemic racism is one thing, but when it becomes a self-indigent fetish and a dangerous cult – it is quite another! Black criminality cannot be sanctioned by anti-racist movements because such an absurd idea plays into the hands of the racists in the long-term! If Black people do not want to follow the laws inherent within a capitalist regime – then STOP supporting capitalism! Exercise a greater self-control, form disciplined organisations and campaign for a Socialist Revolution! The ‘Bryant’ situation is exactly what happens when Trotskyism influences the narrative and there is a lack of genuine Marxist-Leninist dialectics! If she had not been trying to murder someone and was not ‘shot’ – she would have been facing a Court hearing and a prison-sentence.

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