‘Ricism’ and the ‘New’ Politics of Hating Asians!

Know Your Subject!

Forget bad eyesight and poor driving skills – if the history of the science of race has taught us anything – it is that research must stay up to date and relevant to those who hold the power (us) and those who continuously threaten to undermine and steal that power (them)! This is may be considered good point number one – the science of race is a two-way door that caters (ironically) in an equal manner to both the ‘abuser’ and the ‘abusee’. Point number two is that an effective science must be kept up to date and continuously refined. What unites virtually every other Asian culture around the world – despite the huge differences in language, culture, politics and history? The answer can be found in the principle of diet! And more specifically, not only is it ‘diet’ related – but involves the widespread food that is ‘rice’. We therefore advocate that from now on ALL racist discrimination aimed at Asian people around the world should be re-termed ‘ricism’ – with the foodstuff ‘rice’ being made the discriminatory departure-point of this particular avenue of ‘new’ and ‘innovative’ racism! For if the science of race is to survive the current wave of Luddite attacks upon it, then it must (more than ever) strive to evolve and develop more sophisticated ways of generating fresh interpretations together with increasingly convenient and popular modes of user application!

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