Email: Indian Fascism Premised Upon Religious Ignorance! (25.4.2021)

Modi Government Deploys ‘Secret Weapon’ in Fight Against Covid19!

Dear Gillian

Covid19 is out of control in Indian because the Indians couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery. They literally have no idea if it represents a reality outside of the Vedas! Millions have been bathing together in the Ganges with no masks asking Brahma to protect them from Covid19!

Ganges Water – Full of Illnesses!

Whilst Muslims have been mercilessly beaten by Indian police for wanting to gather for worship – Hindus have been queuing-up to ‘sit’ under pissing cows – because the local Brahmin priest has said the ‘sacred’ liquid will have a stronger effect than a Covid19 vaccine!

Modi Government Initiates ‘Economy’ Burials in the Ganges!

The Indian Army has quietly withdrawn from the Sino-Indian Border and placed ‘religious charms’ where their guard towers used to be! The opposing PLA Units reported this odd behaviour ‘in case it was a trick’! At one point, a PLA Sentry was approached by an Indian Army Officer enquiring whether the PLA had ‘any cows’ that they could ‘borrow’ for a few hours!

Indian Army Beats the Retreat After Finding ‘No Cows’ in the PLA Camp!

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