Britain Mourns Passing of Ex-Nazi…

Between 2010-2016 – the government representing the Queen (and her husband) systematically murdered over 120,000 vulnerable people and people with disabilities in the UK through a sudden and dramatic cutting of the British Welfare State, Social Services and National Health Service (NHS)! This EU-inspired attack upon Socialism was met with condemnation by the UN (which found the Tories and LibDems Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity for these purely ideologically led and heinous acts of political barbarism against the British people) – with Her Majesty and Prince Philip remaining ‘silent’ over the matter whilst continuing to live a life of luxury at the British taxpayers expense (many of whom were now rendered ‘deceased’ through a carefully planned  combination of medical neglect and starvation).  

Sister of Prince Philip Sat with Adolf Hitler

Prince Philip, of course, remained forever ‘stoic’ in the face of such government orchestrated reduction of the population – stating to journalists that the younger generation have no idea what it is like to truly ‘reduce’ a considerable population from existing within a given society – due to the sheer scale of ‘project management’ involved, level of procurement, suitable employment, selection of group and disposal of remains, etc. Acting with a great dignity and a quiet mastery, Prince Philip smiled gleefully as he explained to the wide journalist fawning on his every word that unlike many young people today – he did not waste his time during his younger days – but joined the German Nazi Party as soon as he was able to reach the ceremonial podium provided as a ‘gift’ to Greece by Adolf Hitler during a State visit in the 1930s!  

The Prince was quietly in awe when a Daily Mail reporter pointed-out that the UK and Germany (within modern Europe) are the only two countries to have been found ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ by an international judicial body – coincidently for the identical crime of committing ‘genocide’ against their disabled populations. Prince Philip – the ever sagely ex-Nazi – would have none of this self-congratulatory bombast, correcting the reporter by pointing-out that it is all a matter of scale, and with all due respect to the best efforts of the British Establishment, the German government of Adolf Hitler was quite simply in another league! It is with these fond memories of Prince Philip that his body will lie in State at Buckingham Palace before being flown to Berlin, where it will be respectfully carried through the Brandenburg Gate – a favourite haunt of a youthful Prince Philip prior to its Liberation by the Red Army in 1945! Out of respect for his passing, Boris Johnson has announced that none of the Covid19 rules used to terrorise the British public for the last 18 months will be applied to the royal family or any if their entourage during this difficult time. In the meantime, the BBC is currently running (on loop) a special 15-minute documentary showcasing Prince Philip’s exquisite grasp of ethnic slurs, cultural stereotypes and racist insults! 

Prince Philip ‘Taken By Surprise’..

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