Email: Blake’s 7 – Anti-Fascist Drama! (4.4.2021)

The ‘Liberator’ – Blake’s Original Ship!

My life improved immeasurably in 1977 – when my parents shifted me from a local (backward) school to a progressive school in the city of Exeter! When Blake’s 7 came along – I felt it mirrored my own development and aspirations. Probably the best anti-fascist drama disguised as ‘entertainment’ ever-made and broadcast during a time (the early 1980s) that the UK was in the grip of one of the worst fascist leaders Britain has ever experienced – Thatcher! She would start a war to generate a wave of (racist) nationalism to over-come her own unpopularity – and use this adjuration to begin the privatisation of the NHS, Council Housing and Free Universal Education – as well as follow the US in ‘outlawing’ all effective Union activity!

The Great ‘Servalan’!

I believe that the BBC as it was, got Blake’s 7 through and into the general public as if it ‘where nothing’ – when the intelligent, capable, ruthless ‘Servalan’ represent the ‘Thatcher’ character – albeit a much more beautiful one – as well as being a kind of anti-hero feminist! Men ‘cringed’ in her presence! The Federation soldiers had the best fascist uniforms I have ever seen – and of course, the crew of the ‘Liberator’ (Red Army?) were multicultural and gender-equal in their characters and roles. Blake’s 7 also anticipated the ‘internet’ and ‘computer’ age! There were writers on Blake’s 7 who also produced scripts for Dr Who (Tom Baker) and some of those were blatantly ‘anti-capitalist’! I introduce my Chinese friends to Blake’s 7, as well as Gee and the children. 

‘Fascist’ Federation Soldier

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