Why British People Should Not Fly (or Display) the Union Jack Flag!

How the ‘Union Jack’ Flag Evolved’!

Great Britain, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Cornwall (and Glastonbury) – as well as the Lake District, Devon, Exeter and the streets of London – are all beautiful in their own, unique ways. The home of Charles Darwin – Down House (in Kent) – is truly effervescent… If anyone wants to travel in time and see an ancient English village, pay a gentle visit to Duddington (near Peterborough) where the Wyles family lived for around one-thousand years. Nation States are modern myths which arbitrarily create in the human-mind false barriers passing through ancient lands that simply do not exist regardless of how these non-existent dividers are enforced by human laws, bombs and bullets. All this madness is premised upon humans ‘owning’ land that evolved ‘free’ for all living beings to use. 

The Racist ‘Union Jack’ Has Existed Far Longer Than the ‘Confederacy’!

What I admire about a certain (but prominent) cultural view placed deep in the psyche of British people is how the average consensus involves the ‘rejection’ of any symbols representing the British State on the grounds that such symbols are figments of the imagination premised racism, difference and rejection of difference. Unless very precise conditions abound, the average right-minded British person refuses to fly a national flag – be it a George Cross or a Union Jack – whilst accepting and respecting the flags of other countries as markers of ‘difference’ and a challenge to ‘racism’ (although this depends upon the history and behaviour of the country in question). In-short, rejecting arbitrary symbols thrust upon the majority of ordinary people by a (minority) British elite is a British cultural right that is viewed as ‘endearing’ by people of other ethnic groups.  

The ‘George Cross’ – the Mythical Basis of ‘English’ Racism!

Whilst enjoying modern Britain as being a thriving multicultural country, many different ethnic groups now live together with a group of ‘White’ people whose ancestral leaders carried-out a ruthless and brutal campaign of greed, murder and rape around the globe over the last five-hundred years! This racist pogrom of cultural and religious destruction threw-up the ‘Union Jack’ Flag which is nothing but a symbol of an English elitism boasting that its armies have invaded and annexed the lands of the different regional peoples of England (a diverse group of cultural identities often ignored or overlooked when assess British imperialism), Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  The ‘Union Jack’ is a flag of ‘English’ terrorism which was flown before the ‘British Armies’ that spread across the world and was one of the first symbols of White imperialism seen in Africa, the Americas, China and India, as well as myriad other places. It was even flown in Europe during Britain’s war against the spread of French Socialism in the early 19th century! Yes – the British ‘Union Jack’ flag was flown by the British (bourgeois) elite as a symbol of ‘anti-Socialism’! (At the beginning of the Battle of Waterloo during June, 1815, the first act of the French troops was not destructive –but rather to peacefully call to the British soldiers to ‘join the Revolution’)! 

1815: French Line Infantry Fusiliers – Fighting to Spread ‘Socialism’!

The old version of the ‘Union Jack’ dates from 1606 (aligning the Crowns of ‘England’ with ‘Scotland’). Although only existing since 1801, the the full (‘imperialist’) version of the ‘Union Jack’ features a number of ‘Christian’ symbols used to a) represent mythical ‘Nation States’, and b) celebrate the ‘annexing’ and ‘domination’ of many such States by one conquering State. England is represented by the ‘George Cross’ (comprised of a ‘red cross’ on a white background – thought to date from the European Crusades that killed and murdered hundreds of thousands of Muslim men, women and children in the Middle East), the ‘Cross of St Andrew’ represents Scotland (and is comprised of a white saltire placed over a blue field), whilst the ‘Cross of St Patrick’ signifies Ireland (through a red saltire placed over a white field. Through the ‘Union Jack’ English imperialism is elevated into ‘British’ imperialism – as the conquered victims of Anglo-Saxon English imperialism – the Celtic Scots and the Irish – are ‘forced’ to participate in (and support) their own subjugation by assisting the English in their projection of brutal (racist) imperialism onto others (primarily non-White and non-European people). The flag of the Welsh people was not considered by the English for inclusion in this symbol – probably because the ‘Celtic’ Welsh Dragon is far more impressive than the Christian crosses used to represent English imperialism!  

1606: Original ‘Union Jack’ Linking the English and Scottish ‘Crowns’!

At the moment, the UK is ruled by a vicious right-wing Conservative government with Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. This government has been referred to as ‘fascist’ administration by a number of commentators and this certainly seems to be the case as the government now insists that (full) ‘Union Jack’ flags are ‘displayed’ behind each member of Government be they White, Black or Asian. The irony is, of course, that the ancestors of the Black and Asian government members were themselves once the ‘victims’ of British imperialism and were literally ‘co-opted’ into the imperialist project without their knowledge or consent! Although brain-washed today, to interpret White (racist) British culture as ‘their’ culture – these collaborators with English imperialism believe that such a rejection of their own ethnicity somehow makes then a legitimate member of the all-controlling ‘bourgeoisie’! Non-White (and non-British) people are only ‘tolerated’ by the ruling bourgeoise until such a time as their importance wanes and they can be thrown back to the culture from which they were selected. This Tory government uses Black and Asian people to apply the racist policies of the White Tory leaders as a means to make the oppression of non-White people politically more acceptable. The dominant White media then states that as a Black or Asian face is sat in front of a ‘Union Jack’ expressing the rhetoric of White racism – then it must legitimate and beyond reproach! To oppose this oppression every right-minded person must openly ‘refuse’ to ‘fly’ or ‘display’ the British ‘Union Jack’ flag on the grounds that it is not a genuine symbol, and only represents the brutality of racism, rape and murder for profit! By ‘refusing’ the ‘Union Jack’ humanity is joining together to ‘reject’ predatory capitalism!  

The ‘Celtic’ Welsh Flag! The Welsh Tudors Ruled England for Centuries!

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