Emails: Moving the deckchairs… (16.3.2021)

Moving the Deckchairs on the Titanic…

Dear Adrian 

Happy feast of St Benedict of Nurcia. 

What interests me is the constant claim of the British Isles to be a bit ‘special’.  There is an exceptionalism in the culture which goes hand in hand with the promotion of the legend of King Arthur. In the 12th century this meant being the most loyal outpost of the Roman Catholic Church, by the Reformation it meant being the only true Christendom, not like Johnny foreigner Calvinist or Johnny foreigner Pope….. 

A ‘Detached’ Polar Bear…

Dear Gillian 

I am ‘detached’ from all of this in a formal sense. That, and the fact I think that we might be operating through two different calendars. Still, whatever I explore in the world just seems to ‘traverse’ across the surface of my senses without getting ‘stuck’ on or ‘in’ any of them. All is continuously manifesting – solidifying and ‘passing’ away – at least from where I happen to be standing. Material reality is always seeming to give the false impression of permanency. I take none of it seriously – and yet seek to fully understand it. After-all, once we are ‘detached’ from what passes in front of our senses – what else can we do with it – other than ‘understand’ it? Yes – the cascade of sensory imagery can be ‘ignored’ for a time – but even this often turns-out to be an illusion. Moving the deckchairs on the Titanic – as the saying goes. 

The Titanic ‘Detached’ from Floating…

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