QAnon Deep-Dive – The Trumpeteer Files

Mindless Trump Supporter Has a ‘Body’…

Trump has only ‘appeared’ to have lost the Presidency. He is in fact now the ‘shadow’ Presidency’ In effect this means that Donald Trump is the shadow cast by Joe Biden… Spooky – yes – but look at it this way – Biden has already begun the process of killing ‘non-Whites’ in the Middle-East to appease Israeli foreign policy demands. Who is influencing whom? Biden is the President of ‘light’ but light is notoriously unreliable and easy to deflect and distort – even a simple prism will achieve this. The shadows, however, are an entirely different kettle of fish – with the symbol of a ‘fish’ referring to ‘rebirth’ and feeding those who have no sustainable methods of acquiring food for themselves. Just where the ‘kettle’ comes into all this is anyone’s guess! 

Trump and His Staff During a ‘Remembering Who He Is’ Session…

The Trumpites have stated that one thing is now clear – the US System will no longer tolerate a mass-movement designed to short-circuit the democratic process and choose a popular leader over a statistically more reliable candidate. In other words, the very conditions that gave the Americans independence over the British will never be allowed to happen again in the US. Once the bourgeoise has settled on a system political representation that suits them – they will use every force at their disposal from allowing it to be compromised or changed in any profound manner. If the March on Congress had been successful, I suspect a wave of popular support for Trump would have swept through the nation! 

Unlike Science Fiction – US Anti-Intellectualism is Very Real!

Those who carried-out the attack on the Capitol would now be ‘heroes’ and being interviewed by Oprah instead of two dissident members of the British royal family. The ordinary American people would have finally applied their government’s policy of ‘regime change’ to their own domestic political situation. The election would then have been declared ‘fixed’ and Trump would be swept to power on a hysterical wave of predominately ‘White’ support! The police would have celebrated by just shooting random Black and Asians walking down the streets and Oprah would be besieged in the heart of the ‘White’ gated community she lives in! White racism would have been legitimised in a manner seldom seen at any point in the history of the US! All those non-White supporters of Trump would now be made to realise what a terrible mistake they had made! Strange fruit would swing from the trees yet again! 

Yes – An Internet Accessing Device Carries Spreadable Diseases…

There is no ‘dream’ in the US – only political power and its ruthless exercise. There is no ‘justice’ in America as only might is right! There is no ‘cleverness’ (outside of ‘spite’) – but only anti-intellectualism. The QAnon movement is just a very poor imitation of Christianity. It is a faith-based collection of ever-changing and adapting ‘myths’ – each designed to have no connection with actual history – but to express the ever-changing machinations of the fascistic mind-set… It may transpire that Trump can exercise more influence from the shadows than he did from the White House. 

Hope Springs Eternal!

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