Assata Shakur – Revolutionary Icon!

The United States is an oppressive bourgeois State that employs racism, torture and murder to retain the power of Europeans who invaded a country that did not belong to them. These policies are most prominently employed against its own non-White populations – but is exported beyond its borders in the bombs and bullets employed by the US military as it spreads death and destruction across the globe. As members of the working-class, poor White people receive this demeaning treatment minus the racist component. The victims of racism are required to be accommodating toward their oppressor – and good naturedly ‘accept’ all the abuse without complaint or protest. If the victims of racism start to ‘think’ for themselves – then the White-controlled US State suffers a trauma of confidence as its fundamental ‘bullying’ power is questioned down to its core! 

To prevent the ‘thinkers’ from getting out of control, the US State must come down hard on any one who dares to confront its structures of institutional race-hate. These victims of US racism are then made to feel an Old Testament wrath far worse than any of the racist torture experienced hitherto in their lives! Although I was only six years old in 1973, as a mature man today – I relate to the experiences of Assata Shakur as she describes how the US Police ambushed the vehicle within which she was travelling. One of her Comrades was shot dead, whilst one police officer was wounded and another killed (apparently with his own gun). Assata Shakur was not even sure what was going on at the time due to the speed and confusion of events. She was a victim of a brutal police hit-squad that went apparently very wrong for the US State! In my view these people had every right to ‘defend’ themselves from these orchestrated ‘White’ police actions aimed at their ‘Black’ skin! Although badly wounded – Assata Shakur ‘survived’ just like she survived every other trial of her life! 

“Dreams and reality are opposites. Action synthesizes them.” – Assata Shakur

Every citizen in the United States possesses the right to protect themselves from the fascist Authorities – but these fascist Authorities have ‘hijacked’ the US Constitution and have demonised the American working-class! America is not ‘free’ until all these fascist influences are uprooted and thrown out of US culture for good! Like thousands of other who joined the heroic ‘Black Liberation Army’ (BLA), Assata Shakur bravely confronted the forces of frontline fascism and certainly paid the psychological and physical price for her righteous resistance! The US government must purge all the fascist elements that work for its various agencies – initiating ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Trials! Assata Shakur’s story should be taught to American schools – with school-children learning about how she is related to 2Pac Shakur and how she escaped from prison in 1979 and was granted political asylum in Socialist Cuba – where she still lives today! 

Assata Shakur’s ‘Slave Name’

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