The Scientific Link Between the Right-Wing, Low IQ and Transphobia, etc

The British Parliament Had Trouble ‘Funding’ the Decadent Court of King Charles II!

Homophobia And Low Intelligence Are Linked, Study Finds

UK’s first trans-inclusive birthing language guidelines launch at Brighton hospital. It doesn’t tell midwives to stop saying ‘mothers’

It seems incredible to think that part of the bourgeois notion of ‘freedom of speech’ involves the accommodation of ignorance, prejudice and discrimination. More to the point, whilst the bourgeois system is default-set upon the denigration and rejection of the far more intellectually inclined left-wing – it actively courts the out-and-out stupidity of the political right – as if one-day it will evolve the unlikely power to transcend its own defining and traditional barriers of conceptual inadequacy, a minor miracle that has yet to see the light of day! As I have written elsewhere, I suspect the very active right-wing in the UK dates back to the ‘Restoration’ in 1660 which saw the end of the British Republic and the victory of the progressive-left led by Oliver Cromwell (and others). King Charles II was hell-bent on widespread and bloody revenge – as were those who resented having to live in a country that had undergone a ‘Revolution. 

Lord Protector – Oliver Cromwell – the Greatest Leader the UK Ever Produced!

As the British right-wing quite happily accommodated the moral and sexual decadence of King Charles II (and his entourage – which included well-known homosexuals), its newly empowered adherents spread a dark and painful blanket of bigotry and ignorance across this land that caused untold pain and suffering to a once empowered populace. Whilst King Charles II plied his sexual depravity in specially developed ‘pleasure gardens’, his right-wing supporters raped and pillaged across the country preaching religious conservativism and intolerance in the face of their own decadent behaviour! It can be said that this awful hypocrisy of these ‘enemies of the people’ manifested recently in the British Parliament as Tories MPs (lead by a manic Iain Duncan-Smith) clapped, cheered and stamped their feet as a pay-rise for the UK’s brave NHS workers was voted-down by the (amply ‘paid’) representatives of the nation! 

A Beautiful King Charles Spaniel – Not Responsible for the Behaviour of Its Namesake!

As the NHS seeks to modify its technical language when liaising with the general public, areas such as Brighton (a well-known gay and transgender area), have experienced a change in advice regard how mothers feed their babies so as not to alienate gay or transgender parents, etc. This is a highly progressive move that should be applauded by all right-minded people in the UK – but according to yet another academic research paper – it has been confirmed that those who adhere to right-wing viewpoints and accept bizarre and highly improbable conspiracy theories invariably score very low in IQ and mental agility tests. This means that right-wing newspapers such as the Mail, Telegraph, Times and Express, etc, are generated by those possessing ‘weak minds’ so that their deficient content can be ‘consumed’ by those in society who possess ‘feeble minds’. As well as the usual page to page racism, today these papers are having a field-day targeting the gay and transgender communities. The ignorance of the right-wing is a threat to all forms of civilisation because such a hate filled ideology advocate ‘fascism’ over ‘democracy’.  

NHS Midwife Gee Wyles – and Our Youngest Daughter Kai-Lin!

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