Book Review: Frank Bruno – Biography – Let Me Be Frank (2017)

Frank Bruno’s Mother was a NHS District Nurse!

#BLM. It is good to hear a Black narrator (Ben Onwukwe) read Frank Bruno’s latest biography (written with Nick Owens). Frank Bruno clearly explains in a clear and concise manner, exactly what his particular type of psychological and physical illnesses diagnosed collectively as ‘bipolarism’. Like many people of a certain age, we were brought up as working-class supporters of an up-and-coming boxer from South London who possessed a sharp left-jab and a thunderous straight-right! 

Mother – Lynette – was a Victim of Combat 18!

Somehow, the life, trials and accomplishments of Frank Bruno somehow represented the aspirations of us all – with only Frank being able to achieve any of them! He seemed to represent working-class doggedness, British multiculturalism, hard-work and ultimately tremendous success! He was thoroughly out boxing the Canadian Lennox Lewis and nearly put an end to his career until making a tactical area – and gave a good account of himself against Witherspoon and Tyson (twice)! He would eventually beat Oliver McCall to become the Heavyweight Champion of the World in 1995!

Tim Witherspoon (Left) – Frank Bruno (Right) (1986)

His personal choices lead him to admire the royal family – and flirt with the Tory Party. These attitudes separated him from the working masses to a certain degree – but these are issues of his own, individual life. He earned his immense wealth and he did it the hard way. This transformed his life circumstance to an unbelievable degree! He entered the realms of mansions, fast cars, dinner parties, royal invitations and endless opportunities. All of this is his own life and the product of his own labour and sweat! Frank Bruno ducked, deflected and where he needed to – took all the punches himself, on his own and in his own way.

Frank Bruno and Ex-Wife – Laura – Heavyweight Campion of the World! (1995)

Frank Bruno has been pivotal at campaigning for better NHS treatment of mental illness – which has benefitted untold numbers of people! When you think of it, he does not have to do this as he can forward ‘private’ health treatment. Sadly, Frank Bruno knew nothing about the 130,000 disabled people who died due to Tory-LibDems ‘Austerity’ between 2010-2016 – with this terrible reality even being declared a ‘Crime Against Humanity’ by the UN! At the end of the day, Frank Bruno seems kind, honest and a decent human-being!

Frank Bruna and Beautiful Family!

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