The Agenda of the Right-Wing Media in the UK!

The UK Media Disguises ‘Racism’ as Legitimate Opinion!

This is not a conspiracy theory but is rather an observable fact. What I am about to describe is very much hidden in plain sight and is not difficult to discern. I suspect the tradition of the British right-wing dates back to the Restoration of the Stuart Dynasty with King Charles II being ‘crowned’ in 1660. England hand been a ‘Republic’ from 1648-1660 headed primarily by the great leader – Oliver Cromwell – who initiated an era of great progression and forward thinking! Those who resented the successful rising of the middle-class effectively leading workers and peasants against the conservative British establishment (during the English Civil Wars) – kept hidden and under the radar whilst the ‘people’ took control of the country – but were quick to act with the over-throw of Richard Cromwell (son of Oliver) – and to ‘invite’ the exiled Prince Charles who had been brought-up in the French Court. This was an act of out and out ‘counter-Revolution’ that saw the spiteful murder of tens of thousands of former Republic-supporters once Charles II was safely ensconced upon the throne. 

UK Media has a Long History of Sympathy with Fascism!

This ‘spite’ included the fundamental ‘rejection’ of the validity of the workers and peasants ever having any form of political power or social control. The royalist anti-Republican propaganda very much served as the ideological foundation that the right-wing has pursued unabated ever since. How this manifests today, sees the middle-class holding State-power whilst in an alliance with the upper-classes whilst working to exclude the working-class from all facets of political power and influence. The right-wing press in the UK – such as the Daily Mirror, Guardian, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, daily Express, The Sun and The Times, etc – are steadily laying the foundation for a Fascist State and the destruction of the left-wing. The reading audience are being psychologically conditioned to embrace racism and actively propagate hatred as a permanent mediating mode of interaction and problem solving.  

Since Covid19 Hit UK – Thousands of Chinese Have Been Racially Attacked!

The strategy is to ‘normalise’ the fascist view of the world and to brainwash the readership into thinking that the right-wing perspective upon the world is not only natural but inevitable. Selfishness, harshness and callousness are the orders of the day! No one is to be helped or assisted in anyway – with ultraism being presented as being highly ‘abnormal’ and something to be avoided at all costs! One way of fighting this is to ‘remove’ and/or ‘report’ every single right-wing article that is ‘force-fed’ through your browser or news service! This can be done with just a press of a nearby button. I suspect that overtime such recorded disapproval does take its toll in the long-run. Although the right-wing media continues to propagate its racist filth in a myriad of many ways – continuously exposing their racism, sexism and intolerance should be seen as a social duty and a legitimate means of waging a Revolutionary war against the fascists! 

The ‘Myth’ of White Victimhood is a Mainstay of Fascist Ideology!

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