Captain of White British Nationalism!

Hysteria and the pack mentality limit freedom of expression. It does this by reverting the mentality of the group to a childish dependency upon a simplistic narrative of interpretation. This like a young child being absorbed and inspired by fire-side fairy-tale. The Church of England, however, is an institution that is full of shit. One of its vicars (quite rightly in my opinion) pointed-out that the national (Tory government-led) veneration of a confused elderly gentleman – was nothing but a pointless and sentimental outpouring of ‘White’ solidarity – only to be criticised by the CoE and ‘forced’ to retract his comment and apologise to the very ‘White’ establishment he was seeking to criticise! Many Black and Asian people are continuously giving their time to opposing the ongoing Tory policy of privatising the NHS – as well as attempting to raise private money to replace the government revenue that is being continuously axed from the NHS budget. It is interesting that absolutely none of these people are inundated with large amounts of cash from an adoring public, are featured in the mainstream media as ‘special human-beings’, are ‘knighted’ by the Queen, ‘promoted’ by the British Army or jetted-off to the West Indies in the middle of a national lockdown! The CofE vicar concerned has been punished for telling the truth about a particularly sickening episode of White nationalists fawning over one of its own kind at a time when everyone – regardless of skin-tone – is bravely fighting Cobid19 and/or dying from catching it! Normally, the CofE – being the ‘Freemason’ haven it is – more often than not closes ranks to protect its own kind thrust into the media light, but the some reason – Rev. Robinson-Brown – does seem to be receiving the same level of service that even the average low-life paedophile priest would receive as standard! Although Rev. Robinson-Brown has done nothing but expressed an uncomfortable truth about racism within British society, the Church he works for is seemingly denying him the usual rights and privileges of out and out ‘protection’ that automatically ‘come with the collar’! If Rev. Robinson-Brown had presented his educated views as a ‘sponsored exposing of White British racism’ – then perhaps he could have donated the proceeds to the NHS and then sit-back to wait for the wave of media adulation that must surely materialise from such steadfast and selfless campaigning… Finally, if anything proves Marx’s negative opinion about religion to be correct, it is the fact that the Church is threatening to ‘investigate’ Rev. Robinson-Brown for ‘telling the truth about racism’ – but is not prepared to ‘investigate’ the ‘racism’ his comments exposed!

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