Racist Tories Trying to Quickly ‘Deport’ EU Nationals!

Boris Johnson holds extreme far-right political viewpoints. He hides these ideals behind a thin veneer of eccentricity and an apparent bumbling personality. Do not be deceived! If it was not for the Covid19 Crisis taking-up all the time of his Administration – the UK would be under a far greater fascistic attack then initiated by either Thatcher or Blair! Even with the Covid19 Crisis, however, the insistence of the Tories placing profit before people, and continuing to privatisation the NHS whilst the British nation is in need of it the most! This reluctance to initiate what is essentially ‘Socialistic’ (and ‘collective’) policies to safeguard the population – has resulted in at least 100,000 British people have now died with millions now infected!  

British Asians ‘Aligned’ with ‘White’ Tory Racism!

Whilst this ineffective and half-hearted attempt to protect the British nation is underway, the Tories have doubled the fees for the vulnerable and elderly who need help in their home or who live in care homes. As this care has already been paid for through taxation and should be provided free of charge – the Tories have been ‘illegally’ charging for these surfaces at the point of use since 2010 – making the elderly and the vulnerable to ‘pay again’ out of their meagre Benefit payments. As poor people are unable to mount any serious legal challenge to this illegal government activity (which is assisted in its deployment by the DWP, Social Services and Local Councils), the Tories are being allowed to get away with this ‘theft’ from the poorest members of UK society. On the other hand, middle-class victims have taken the government to Court and ‘won’ – with the Court ordering that all the money taken by the government is returned and all further care provided free at the point of use! 

The Face of Contemporary Tory Racism!

What the Tories are now doing is attempting to ‘deport’ as many EU citizens as possible through the enforcing of an arbitrary ‘deadline’ for these people to either ‘apply’ for British citizenship (and stay in the UK), or pack their bags and leave! This policy will be effective as the Tories have taken no steps whatsoever to ‘advertise’ this ‘deadline’. Furthermore, following the policy well-known within fascist regimes – the Tories are offering financial incentives for EU citizens to ‘leave’ the UK via a free flight! Our issue with the European Union (EU) is that it is a vicious anti-Socialist and neo-fascist entity developed by a post-1945 US policy throughout Western Europe. The EU systematically disempowers and impoverishes the working-class, whilst simultaneously strengthening and empowering the middle-class! We are all victims of the EU and should replace its fascist indifference to our well-being, with the genuine caring associated with the ‘Internationalist’ principle of Marxist-Leninist ideology!  

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