Fascist Trump Disappoints – No Pardon for Ross Ulbricht!

The dream is over for the family of Ross Ulbricht – a ‘White’ drug-dealer who cleverly designed a method for using the internet in a new manner that could not be traced by the US government! Ross Ulbricht is a good capitalist who took things too far and in the wrong direction – according to the Obama Administration. Ross Ulbricht was charged in 2015 with money laundering, computer hacking and conspiracy to traffic narcotics. On May 29th, 2015, Ross Ulbricht was found ‘Guilty’ on all counts and sentenced to two life sentences plus 40 years – without any possibility of payroll! The Obama Administration appeared to be making a point about who was in control and what would happen to ordinary US citizens if they pursued their ‘freedom’ too far! 

Ross Ulbricht – A Self-Styled ‘Pirate’!

On June 19th, 1953 (as the US military was experiencing endless battlefield defeats in North Korea), the Jewish-American couple – Julius and Ethel Rosenberg – were put to death in the electric chair by the US government after being accused of ‘spying’ for the Soviet Union. Although the evidence was sparse and essentially trumped-up, the US government wanted to send a terroristic and murderous ‘threat’ to any US citizen deciding to investigate (or support) the Communist Cause. The Rosenbergs were offered a commutation of their death sentences to life imprisonment if they publicly ‘admitted’ their guilt and ‘renounced’ their support for the Communist Cause – both steadfastly refused. The US government then took their lives during the McCarthy-era (in the name of ‘freedom of thought’) whilst accusing the USSR of being an ‘oppressive’ regime.  

Ethel (Left) and Julius (Right) Rosenberg ‘Executed’ – No Protest from Zionist Israel!

Of course, Ross Ulbricht is not a Communist in anyway, and his family have been portrayed to me as supporting the right-wing Republican cause, which I believe is true. As the fascist Trump has let them down despite their support for his extreme views – this must be a bitter pill for the parents of Ross Ulbricht to swallow. In 2015, I was aware that the Obama Administration was actively supporting the empowerment of various neo-Nazi movements throughout Eastern Europe (a move seen by Obama to counter the growing pro-Russian sentiment throughout the region). The most obvious manifestation of this is probably the ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi regime of Western Ukraine – the armed thugs of which kill ‘Socialists’ with American-supplied weaponry and ammunition! This situation led me to be briefly sympathetic for the plight of Ross Ulbricht – but this was before his parents came-out the closet as staunch right-wingers.  

Israel Only Supports Non-Communist Jews!

I noted that people in China were discussing the case of Ross Ulbricht – stating that the situation seemed imbalanced and excessive in its sentencing. When I contacted the Ulbricht family with this data I was ignored. It was only later that I was told that the Ulbricht family are right-wing, hold racist views and are fervently ‘anti-Chinese’! This knowledge changed my entire perspective. Of course, the US prison system is crammed full of tens of thousands of Black, Asian, Hispanic and Native American inmates all suffering from unjust and judicially ‘excessive’ prison-sentences. Given this is the situation – why should a privileged White-boy be granted a Presidential Pardon for the crimes he undoubtedly committed – when many non-White people languish in the US prison system for committing no crime at all! To grant Ross Ulbricht a pardon would be a demonstration of the epitome of ‘White privilege’! Why should he walk free whilst the fascist Trump just exercised his White privilege and had thirteen vulnerable human-beings executed on Federal Death Row? 

The US Uses its Prison Population for Slave-Labour!

I do not know Ross Ulbricht personally, and have no way of assessing his viewpoints or political leanings. He could be completely different to his parents – who are trying everything they can think of to rescue their son from prison. Any loving family would behave this way in an ideal world. It is ironic that the US punishes people for being Communists – and also punishes people for being the wrong kind of capitalist! It seems that only the QAnon morons who shambled like mindless zombies through the Congress building are the ideal ‘Americans’ – many of which have now been arrested and left the blow in the wind by Trump who just jetted-off into the sunset after ruining the lives of millions! As a Communist I am sure my presence would be unwanted by the Ulbricht family – but in all honesty it is only through a Socialist Revolution that all these injustices can be put right! 

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