Email: US Pro-Trump White Riot (7.1.2021)

Supporters of President Donald Trump climb the west wall of the the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Dear Gillian

The Trashing of American Democracy

It was like a giant blancmange moving steadily (and violently) through the US Capitol! A mixture of swastikas, Confederate and Maidan flags added some well needed colour to the event! Police were filmed being slightly confused – sometimes stepping aside and letting the rioters through – whilst at other times politely asking them stop – but never firing tear gas, rubber bullets or using their batons as the police has done in the past during BLM protests! Of course, the Western media is in denial and trying to blame anyone but their own corrupt system. In the above article for ‘Enemies of Democracy’ read ‘Those Who Reject Predatory Capitalism!’ AFP led with the headline ‘China Mocks Chaos in US Capitol!’  

The Chaos the US Inflicts Upon the World Comes Home to Roost!

The French newspaper AFP is rabidly anti-China and quick off the mark to switch the onus from the fascist failure of the US system to the supposed ‘sinister’ machinations of ‘Socialist’ States lurking in the shadows and waiting to inflict their filthy ‘equality’ and ‘progression’ upon an suspecting world population! Meanwhile, a youth was being detained wearing an ‘Anonymous’ mask and a Nazi German steel helmet replete with SS runes upon it – when a nearby CNN Reporter asked him ‘What do you stand for?’  

Racist Confederate Flag Penetrates US Capitol!

Most other people were wearing MAGA hats and holding up racist placards supporting Trump! I suppose this is the religious right in action coupled with the fascist mythology of rigged elections. The White right has felt oppressed for years due to their natural racism and thuggery coming under scrutiny and being ‘pushed back’ onto the fringes of general discourse! This supposed ‘White’ victimhood’ has finally erupted into full-scale violence as the fascist element of White America just doesn’t ‘feel heard’! I suspect that if this was an anti-Trump riot the casualty list would have been much higher – with each media outlet attempting to ‘justify’ the killing of innocent non-Whites in the cause of national security! The pictures being used of one of the dead rioters – a White woman – look like the photos used to illicit ‘sympathy’ for a victim of a crime! This woman was trying to illegally enter Congress and potentially kil democratically elected members of the US government! Wonders never cease as both Twitter and Facebook have ‘locked’ Trump’s social media accounts to prevent him continuing to encourage the violence! 

Fascist Rioters Brought Their Own Seige Ladders!

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