Zhang Zhan ‘Punished’ for Her Stupidity! (28.12.2020)

Today, at 12 noon on Monday, December 28, 2020, the Shanghai Pudong New District Court pronounced a sentence of four years in prison on the Zhang Zhan for the crime of creating disturbances.

This silly woman is not a qualified ‘lawyer’ – but is rather trained in finance and economics! She is the ‘poster boy’ of the moment for the capitalist system and everything ‘anti-intellectual’! Click on the above link to read my CPC assessment! 


  1. This is an excellent article along with your CPC assessment!
    This is a serious warning to Katy Morgan Davies. The same punishment awaits her for her vicious betrayal of her father, Aravindan Balakrishnan. In his trial in 2016 his assessment of his traitorous daughter was that she thought she was being”very clever” but actually she was being “very stupid”!


    1. Thank you Comrades! I follow in the good work of the Workers’ Institute!


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