Transgenderism: Spiked – The True Face of Trotskyism (23.12.2020)

The gender heretics are finally winning the TERF wars 

Trotskyism (and Trotskyites) follow the strategy of ‘hiding’ their true beliefs and aspirations behind a thin veneer of ‘popularism’ expressing leftist-liberal propaganda. This dishonest approach to politics is designed to ‘infiltrate’ the genuine Marxist-Leninist left and ‘convert’ its unsuspecting members (through this ‘entryism’) into ‘rejecting’ their own exercise of ‘free-thought’. In 1938, Trotsky called upon his so-called ‘Socialist’ followers to support the forces of international fascism in any attack that might be made upon the Soviet Union. The Zionist-funded Trotsky also called upon Soviet citizens to carry-out ‘terrorist’ attacks upon the infrastructure of the USSR – to ‘weaken’ the country from within. As a consequence, Trotskyite movements make a show of opposing racism whilst supporting racism, pretend to oppose capitalism whilst supporting capitalism and claim to oppose sexism whilst supporting sexism. Trotskyites also make a show of apparently supporting gay rights (through the fascist LGB Association) whilst supporting and espousing transphobia.  

Progressive Development in Communist China!

The ‘Spiked’ article referenced above, is Trotskyite, intolerant and fascistic toward transgender people. This is a typical Trotskyite set of discriminations against ‘difference’ and has absolutely nothing to do with any anything Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao or Ho Chi Minh ever wrote! Indeed, genuine Marxist-Leninism is ‘inclusive’ and ‘compassionate’ – and premised upon the accommodation of ‘difference’. Trotskyism, by comparison, defines itself upon attacking the ideology of traditional Marxist-Leninist-Stalinism – and the true history of the USSR. In the article above, if the term ‘transgender’ was replaced with ‘Black’ or ‘Asian’ – it would be clearly defined as ‘racist’ and would be lambasted by the liberals, leftists and Marxist-Leninists – rather than embraced and published in the realms of the mainstream media! This article is clearly ‘fascistic’ and what people must do is learn to distinguish what ‘is’ and ‘is not’ a Trotskyite article.  

Marxist-Leninism should not – and does not – tolerate such right-wing intolerance and hate-filled rhetoric disguised as supposedly ‘progressive’ commentary upon contemporary affairs. Spiked is using ‘prejudice’ and ‘discrimination’ that a priori ‘rejects’ the very notion of transgenderism without ever applying a careful ‘dialectical’ assessment of all the aspects and elements of the issue. Rejecting the validity of an entire swathe of people throughout society is not the way Marxism-Leninism is utilised to develop and progress society on the path to establishing Socialism and then the transition into classless Communism. Marxist-Leninism advocates that society should be develop through the application of ‘science’ – with the further concept of ‘Communist Futurism’ (developed by Vladimir Mayakovsky). Communist Futurism assumes that science can and will resolve ALL human illness, injuries, needs and aspirations.  

Education is the Key!

Transgenderism is a complex subject that must be carefully assessed so that those who are subject to its machinations feel ‘accepted’, ‘understood’ and ‘valued’ by society at large. People with old or out of date attitudes – such as JK Rowling – are to be expected and ‘ignored’ in a polite manner. Such people should not be expected to understand things that are outside of their experience. Just as such people may be successful authors who have made a career out of plagiarising Lord of the Rings and the Legends of King Arthur, etc, this does not mean that they have any wisdom to share with the world. Indeed, JK Rowling has shared only her ‘ignorance’ and ‘bigotry’ – which she desperately tries to hide behind her personal history – as if the domestic abuse she has suffered somehow permits her to legitimately spread her lack of understanding across the world. This is ironic as many of the characters in her novels are deliberately presented as gender ambiguous. Like Spiked – perhaps JK Rowling is a true Trotskyite!  

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