Email: Trump Fascism – Ninth Execution this Year – Fifth Since Losing Election! (13.12.2020)

Trump Victim: Executed Brandon Bernard

U.S. executes Brandon Bernard, who was 18 at the time of his crime, despite appeals

This man was 18 when an associate of his killed two people. He was also given the Death Penalty by a White Jury – five of whom have since stated they were forced to go along with the herd at the time – and would like to withdraw their Verdict. It must be terrible to sit on Federal Death Row – aware that a defeated fascist President is authorising the killing of yourself (and your colleagues) as an act of revenge for losing an election and subsequently failing in a bizarre Court Action to unjustly overturn the defeat. The religious right, of course, is pro-life for unborn babies, but as soon as these babies are born and are self-propelling (in a society defined by its inequality) – judicially killing them becomes just another form of honouring God’s Law. All very Old Testament and in support of Israel – as Trump is. Israel has only used the Judicial Death Sentence once (Adolf Eichmann) – who deserved everything he got – but Israel’s military routinely kills Palestinian men, women and children (and their supporters), with a divine abandonment that would suggest an Old Testament God is believed to be behind the on-going murdering. I am sure the madness of St Trump is operating in much the same way. The American people voted him into one of the most powerful Offices in the world and I hope they are learning their lesson. Flirting with fascism is not the way ahead – just as dancing with the devil is not necessarily good for the arts!  

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