Book Review: Hanns and Rudolph

Excellent Research

A beautifully written and expertly researched book concerning a terrible subject and a horrific time for humanity! This narrative carefully presents the historical events of two German men (one a ‘Jew’ the other an ‘Aryan’) who were destined to meet through the chaos of WWII – the former as an Officer in the British Army – the latter a member of the Nazi German SS and Commandant of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp who oversaw the murder of millions. When Rudolph Heoss was discovered and arrested by Captain Hanns Alexander – he was beaten with axe-handles by the British (Jewish) soldiers present despite offering no resistance. A military doctor – afraid the beating might kill him – ordered the end to this abuse. His hideaway was discovered after his wife was arrested and her children firstly abandoned without care – and then physically and psychologically threatened by Captain Hanns Alexander. At a time when the Catholic Church and US government were openly assisting the escape of Nazi War Criminals out of Europe – and Winston Churchill had quietly resettled 10,000 Ukrainian SS War Criminals in Scotland (disguised as Polish Refugees – who were in fact the victims of these criminals) – the actions of Hanns Alexander are understandable. The British government adhered to the post-1945 US policy of disinforming about the Soviet Union and this is why British Servicemen were not allowed to receive medals of gratitude from other nations. The USSR – as an ally of the UK – wanted to issues tens of thousands of such medals. It is difficult to demonise such a country when it is ‘thanking you’ for contributing to saving it from Nazi German Tyranny! It was only after 2010 that the British Government allowed the surviving British Veterans to receive medals from Russia. Hanns Alexander and his family (as German Jews) became British citizens as a means to escape Nazi German tyranny and I am very proud of this fact!

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