Email: Populations and Burial Mounds… (3.12.2020)

Marx & Engels in London

Dear Gillian

I am accessing some very good history at the moment. These terrible stories are real but remain hidden due to Cold War disinformation. Instead, the USSR is labelled with all kinds of mythological atrocities for which there is no serious evidence. Oh yes – ridiculous narratives exist on far-right websites – but the numbers involved (the higher the number – the eviller the USSR must be), are often greater than the total population! China and Russia would be two massive burial mounds with a Cafe Nero nearby to entertain tourists who shake their heads and ‘tut’ about the inhumanity associated with sharing things!  

Communism Will Win!

The world owes the Soviet Red Army (and its five million casualties) a great debt for confronting this evil and destroying it for our freedom today! A great injustice is being perpetuated against the USSR through the true history of fascism being deliberately misrepresented and forgotten just so a few fat Americans can continue their hedonistic lifestyles! Very few Americans know that their country raged an aggressive war and invaded Revolutionary Russia in 1918 only to be militarily defeated! They are often so thick they think I am lying (like I’ve got the time or inclination)! As for the Blue Division of Spain – Hitler said it was ineffectual in attack and overly troublesome in the rear. Franco thought the Allies would attempt a Liberation of Spain and so he recalled the Blue Division away from the Eastern Front (in early 1944) and nobody noticed its absence. In the meantime, the SS had swept through Estonia. Latvia and Lithuania – and had asked for ‘volunteers’ to join the German Army in its fight against the USSR. As you can imagine, this did not go down well. Germany was being beaten back almost daily, and although these countries were anti-Soviet – no one wanted to appear to be directly assisting the Germans in case the Red Army happened to ‘Liberate’ these countries.  

Communists Drink Hot Coffee…

However, the SS managed to round-up (at gun point) about 500 hapless Estonians who had to be threatened and beaten to move in the direction of the fighting – with individuals slipping away unseen whenever they could. Anyway, as soon as the first T-34 turret appeared on the horizon – a mass panic swept through the Estonian ranks which saw all the men undress down to their underwear – throw off their German uniforms – drop their weapons and ‘run’ back in the direction in which they had just come! A message was sent to Hitler which simply read: ‘The Estonians have gone home…’ 

Communism is Beautiful…

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